Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving forward

I keep telling myself to move forward... just keep on and don't stop.  I have to do this because by nature I am extremely lazy.  I having to MAKE myself get up and do things like Insanity, going for a walk or run... etc.  So That being said.  I just keep moving forward.

Friday evening, I was tired after a long week at work and I didn't want to do my exercise. I didn't want to cook or clean or well do anything other than eat.  So I told Thomas I wanted something "bad" for dinner, meaning I didn't plan on eating good nutrition, I just wanted to be bad.  We went to Long horn.  I ordered water to drink which is more of a habit now then it ever use to be.  Then while looking at the menu I noticed they had meals for 500 calories including salad, stead, and side.  So I did choose one of those lighter meals and I had the best steak, seasonal vegetables, asparagus and the entire meal was awesome!  I still splurged as I had some of the bread that came out first and I ordered ranch (on the side) to go with my salad instead of the lighter, healthier choice.  I am glad I didn't blow it all to hell and back though, because I was in the mood to do something that drastic.  What totally rocks is that after the meal and some errands we needed to run I came home and did Insanity.  I didn't want to take too much time away from my evening so I opted to do just the fit test which is only 25 minutes vs the 40 minutes most of the others are.  I was super proud of myself even though I didn't burn many calories and didn't eat the best I could have.  Because I was in the mood to totally blow it!

Saturday, I told myself that I wanted to run 5 miles.  I did that and more!  I took Reuben my Yorkie for a mile walk, then took Cooper my Maltese for a mile walk... that is two miles to start my day.  Then, I grabbed my over priced gummy bears (energy food) and my bottle of water and headed out.  I didn't return until I completed 5.24 miles.  So all together I did over 7 miles on my legs. I might have walked more than I ran but my legs are new at this and they were pushed.  I survived it! I was super sore afterwards. Mainly the hips and lower back. My shins did great! I am super excited about that too!  I am learning more about my heart rate and how I have been over doing it which is zonking me out, and I noticed if I listen to my monitor and take it easy when it says my heart rate is too high that my endurance seems to be better.  Saturday evening Thomas and I headed out to Bridge street.  Before dinner we stopped by Sports Authority where I picked up my new swimsuit to practice for my triathlon, goggles and swim cap (yep I am really doing this). We ate at the Scene, I had Alaskian Maki Sushi which was delicious.  Then, we were going to catch a movie but the times at Monaco pretty much such and nothing we wanted to see was playing remotely close to when we were though so we opted to come back home.

Today (Sunday), I have had a pretty relaxing day. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do but it didn't involve house cleaning (which my house needs me to love on it so much right now it is a mess!).  I wanted to try out my new swim gear but didn't really want to go at it alone.  I posted on Facebook for someone to go with me after I looked up and found a place to go, but no takers.  Thomas was gone to play golf so it looked like if I wanted to do it at all I had to do it alone.  I didn't want to make up excuses and I have anxiety about this whole swimming thing.  So, I did it.  I went alone to a place that had lap swimming which is intimidating to me and I did it.  My swimming ability is pretty much non existing but hopefully I will learn.  I practiced my breathing because I am generally the type who holds her nose when going under water, and I need to learn to breath properly for better swimming technique.  I wasn't there that long about 45 minutes, but I feel I got a good workout.   Plus I swallowed and snorted enough chlorine to last me a few days.  Now I am back home, and not sure what the rest of my day holds.

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