Friday, April 27, 2012


This is not the best photo, but we have a new fury friend. His name is Cooper. He is a few years old and needed a new home and he is just the right size for my Reuben to play with so we took him in.    This was taken after I took him for a little run and he was absolutely exhausted.   He is different than my beloved Reuben but I like his personality. He is a tend to himself type dog. He will play with a toy for hours.  I mean literally hours.  He is so funny to watch.  He doesn't like "love" as much as Reuben does.  He actually rather you not hold him, but you can pet him he just doesn't like to be held.  He is already protective of us which I like, that means he likes us.  He is also super duper excited to see me when I come home every day.  I love him bunches already. Reuben and him? Well they are trying to figure out each other and maybe see who is going to be the dominant one but so far so good. :)

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