Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1 of 2012

It has started out great!  I got up near 10 am which was marvelous to get to sleep in without a clock dictating me to get up before I wanted to.  Thomas got up and made Farmer's Breakfast which is in the oven now (torturing me).  We have our staples for New Year's Dinner, Here is an article about the Southern tradition.  Collard greens and cornbread to bring your money,  Blackeyed peas to bring your luck, and Hog Jowl (I have always heard was to bring you health).  So my family will be set for 2012 in the food department.

We have pretty much been lazy since we all got moving around, and that is the BEST way to spend New Year's Day.

I took my dog for a walk.  We walked just over 1 mile and we did that mile in 16.25 minutes.  He is a little yorkie and it usually takes us 20 minutes to do that same walk.  It was windy as crap out there, wind blowing in our face for half the walk, and we still did it in 16.25 minutes.   I am proud of this!!!

I got on my new scale this morning, after my morning pee (hehe I said pee), and the scale was super good to me! It said I weighed 175 lbs.  Last night after my huge meal it said 177.... so I knew it would be less today but it looked so good to me!!!  I weighed 172 when I quit smoking over 6 years ago.  I haven't really seen that weight since then (only one time and it was too brief to count haha).  So now just a few more pounds to meet a sort of milestone in weight loss.  I started at 188... not huge, but still progress.  I am feeling super good about 2012 and it being the year of Tonya.  The year I meet goals for me and do things for myself and my health.


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