Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scaling it down

OH MY GOSH!!! Are you sitting down?  I have been needing a scale for about a month now.  I last weighed on my scale 188lbs.  This was back the end of November, and the battery was getting weak and the scale was looking ratty from use so on  a cleaning day I just threw it away.  Said I was going to buy a new one.  Well this month I have ate different at work, walked the dog more and tried to pay a bit more attention to my snacking.  Now, I have not dieted really.  I have not done without.  I have simply tried to do a bit better.

I bought my scale today, my first step on it amazed me.  I weighed 177 lbs.  That is 11 lbs.  Now my other scale could have had me off, but I do feel like I have lost this weight, so I am going to consider this progress.  I honestly do not care what I weigh,  I just want to get in better physical fitness.  I want to get up off my chair more.  But, this my friend was a happy time for me to see the scales today has reminded me that I can do this.  It might not happen in a month or 2 months or even 6 months, but I will get in better health which ultimately will have me lose the pounds, the inches and gain the strength.  Tonight I simply feel stronger. :)

NOTE: I also want to make note that I weighed myself at 9 pm after a HUGE meal and a glass of wine and a margarita haha...tomorrow may be even more amazing! :)

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