Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to make resolutions for the next year.  I suck at keeping resolutions for the most part, but I am hopeful this year will be unlike others.  I am looking forward to the changes that may come with my new resolutions to make 2012 an amazing year!

Here goes:
1) Wake up at 5:45 am on my non-clinic days.  I have clinic days that I wake up at 4 am all other days I sleep until the very last possible minute which is usually 7 am.  If I get up at 5:45 am, I should be able to make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and get on some exercise clothes.  Then grab my dog and take him for a mile walk to let him re-leave himself, and get my body woke up and warmed up.  I should be able to do all of these in 25 minutes or less, then bring my dog back home to continue back out for another mile at my own pace which should be a bit faster than my little Yorkie's pace (should be).  As I get in a better fitness level I can try to go further in my time but only allow myself another 30 minutes of exercise.  Then, its back home to shower and get ready for work.  I need to make breakfast if I am making it at home (but most of the time I eat breakfast at work).... and get out of the house at 7:30 am.  That has me up 1 hr and 45 minutes before I actually have to leave the house.  I hear that it takes about 21 days to make something a habit... so lets see if I can't make this a priority of mine and as Nike says "JUST DO IT".  I already dread the clock going off though, so this will be a big accomplishment for me if I stick with it.  This will also help me meet some fitness goals ensuring that I am getting exercise in.  The only times I will cut myself some slack is when it is raining in which times I may do my exercises inside, but I still need to get the hell up and out of bed.  My clinic days however will be non-exercise mornings, so I must fit it in when I get home from work, and weekends I can fit it in anytime during those days.... so that damn clock will not be going off then! lol

2)  Certifications:  I hope to get one if not two certifications this year.  Windows 7 and Security +.  That is the only goals I am setting just to accomplish these two things this year.

3) 5K:  I have yet to do a 5K and I want to get in shape and sign up for one.

4) Food: Watch my portion control, drink less soda, and try to think before I eat.

5) Cussing:  Stop with the F Bombs and possible some other cussing I do mindlessly.

Maybe the number 5 is good?  Makes since to have one or two lol but I need to do all 5 of these!!!!

Last year has been an amazing year full of ups and downs.  2012 is going to be even better.

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