Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ham Dumplings

I have one word... YUM!

That is how to describe the Ham dumplings that Thomas made for us for dinner.  He used the left over Ham from our Christmas dinner.  We have tried to figure out ways to use the ham as to not have it go to waste, and give us a variety to eat.

He said something about Ham dumplings and I was like "ewww" and he said "you have never had ham dumplings?" I said "ewww".  He said "I have to make you some".  So he did.

In the pan

In my bowl.

And these darn Ham dumplings KICK ASS!!!! 

Now, while making those he decided to he would make my lunch for the following day.  He baked me a potato, then put that potato and ham in a pan along with some other "secret" ingredients and came up with "Baked Potato Ham Soup"... I devoured it today at lunch... it was absolutely delicious!  I know you are jealous.... eat your heart out! :) haha

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