Monday, December 26, 2011

F bombs

I drop them daily, probably more than many sailors would.  Not sure how this habit started but that is what it is, I cuss horribly.  I mean I say shit, damn and hell all the time too, but those are less offensive than GD and F bombs.  All of these words have become just a part of my vocabulary for some reason.  I remember a time when I didn't cuss much... but that was like forever ago.  I would like to say the F bomb's came only when I was really emotional about something, like I really needed to express that emotion.  But, no... they come just when I say "I am going to go wash the F'ing laundry" or "what the "F" is this on the TV?"  I have even went so far as to say "You are the cutest F'ing dog in the world"...I mean come on, why did that require that word?  I am not offended myself by the word, only know that I offend others with it.  I cuss, its rather unfortunate because I don't know that it is a very attractive feature in a lady.  Who said I was a lady right? But, my New Year's Resolution is to slack on my cussing.  I mean I could give it a break from time to time and maybe fit some other words into my vocabulary?  I tell my kids all the time who have heard my potty mouth since they were too young to know it was wrong  that they don't ever want to say those words because once its in your vocabulary you use it, and before long you use it without even recognizing it until after its slipped out.  So far they don't cuss, or not around me at least.  I didn't cuss around my parents either when I was young... it just came out with age and here I am a 36 year old potty mouth.  The GD doesn't come out much because although I am not religious I have never liked to say that one, its very offensive to many and makes me feel like a moron when I say it, but it comes out when I least expect it, but those are usually always in the heat of a moment that I am really expression some sort of emotion and usually anger.

Do you have moments where you say cuss words before you realize it?  

I mean my mother-in-law to be doesn't like the word Fart.  Says its a cuss word.  Fart is nothing to me... It's a joke more than a cuss word.  Some words are just words to me and Fart is just that, a word.  I remember my daddy get on to me for saying piss when I was talking about one of them "piss ants" that had just bitten me.  It's what I heard those ants were called that bit people.  Those were "piss ants" and I didn't see what the big deal was even though I was only 6 or 7 years old.  Still at 36, the word piss means nothing to me.  It's just a word.  Maybe I am unusual in those words not bothering me at all and not considered cuss words? I have never corrected my kids with those words, and not sure they ever even say them.  Do you have words that are offensive to you that others use frequently?

Regardless of what offends me or others I want to stop dropping the F bombs and GD without even meaning to say them, at least let me say them because that is the emotion I am really expressing and not just a habit potty mouth that I have obtained.

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