Monday, December 26, 2011

90 Kohl's bucks

I shopped last minute this year for Christmas.  I mean I literally bought my first present 1 week to the day before Christmas.  I then proceeded to not purchase the rest of my gifts until Wednesday night before Christmas when Thomas and I hit Kohl's in Huntsville.  I hadn't been to that store but once and it was years ago.  I lucked up and found everyone besides the kids gifts there.  I spend $550 bucks there in just a few hours.  Which earned me 90 Kohl's bucks.  Now I can go this week and spend $90 dollars on myself!  I think that is pretty neat, not sure what I will get because I never was really looking for myself in that store.  But, I am sure I will spent my 90 dollars, that is one thing I am most definitely sure of.  Maybe a new pair of boots? Maybe Thomas a Columbia jacket?  The possibilities are endless at this point. haha

I am going to the hit some other stores too. My son has a gift card to Best Buy we will probably stop there.  I need to go somewhere for some warm walking clothes, and need to buy me a new scale too.  Not sure where or when... since everyone in this house besides myself is still asleep at 10:17 am, ughhh!

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