Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scaling it down

OH MY GOSH!!! Are you sitting down?  I have been needing a scale for about a month now.  I last weighed on my scale 188lbs.  This was back the end of November, and the battery was getting weak and the scale was looking ratty from use so on  a cleaning day I just threw it away.  Said I was going to buy a new one.  Well this month I have ate different at work, walked the dog more and tried to pay a bit more attention to my snacking.  Now, I have not dieted really.  I have not done without.  I have simply tried to do a bit better.

I bought my scale today, my first step on it amazed me.  I weighed 177 lbs.  That is 11 lbs.  Now my other scale could have had me off, but I do feel like I have lost this weight, so I am going to consider this progress.  I honestly do not care what I weigh,  I just want to get in better physical fitness.  I want to get up off my chair more.  But, this my friend was a happy time for me to see the scales today has reminded me that I can do this.  It might not happen in a month or 2 months or even 6 months, but I will get in better health which ultimately will have me lose the pounds, the inches and gain the strength.  Tonight I simply feel stronger. :)

NOTE: I also want to make note that I weighed myself at 9 pm after a HUGE meal and a glass of wine and a margarita haha...tomorrow may be even more amazing! :)

New Years Eve

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to make resolutions for the next year.  I suck at keeping resolutions for the most part, but I am hopeful this year will be unlike others.  I am looking forward to the changes that may come with my new resolutions to make 2012 an amazing year!

Here goes:
1) Wake up at 5:45 am on my non-clinic days.  I have clinic days that I wake up at 4 am all other days I sleep until the very last possible minute which is usually 7 am.  If I get up at 5:45 am, I should be able to make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and get on some exercise clothes.  Then grab my dog and take him for a mile walk to let him re-leave himself, and get my body woke up and warmed up.  I should be able to do all of these in 25 minutes or less, then bring my dog back home to continue back out for another mile at my own pace which should be a bit faster than my little Yorkie's pace (should be).  As I get in a better fitness level I can try to go further in my time but only allow myself another 30 minutes of exercise.  Then, its back home to shower and get ready for work.  I need to make breakfast if I am making it at home (but most of the time I eat breakfast at work).... and get out of the house at 7:30 am.  That has me up 1 hr and 45 minutes before I actually have to leave the house.  I hear that it takes about 21 days to make something a habit... so lets see if I can't make this a priority of mine and as Nike says "JUST DO IT".  I already dread the clock going off though, so this will be a big accomplishment for me if I stick with it.  This will also help me meet some fitness goals ensuring that I am getting exercise in.  The only times I will cut myself some slack is when it is raining in which times I may do my exercises inside, but I still need to get the hell up and out of bed.  My clinic days however will be non-exercise mornings, so I must fit it in when I get home from work, and weekends I can fit it in anytime during those days.... so that damn clock will not be going off then! lol

2)  Certifications:  I hope to get one if not two certifications this year.  Windows 7 and Security +.  That is the only goals I am setting just to accomplish these two things this year.

3) 5K:  I have yet to do a 5K and I want to get in shape and sign up for one.

4) Food: Watch my portion control, drink less soda, and try to think before I eat.

5) Cussing:  Stop with the F Bombs and possible some other cussing I do mindlessly.

Maybe the number 5 is good?  Makes since to have one or two lol but I need to do all 5 of these!!!!

Last year has been an amazing year full of ups and downs.  2012 is going to be even better.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What to do?

I have so much I want to do.  Like....
1) Get physically fit and healthy
2) Eat better (which is part of #1)
3) Study to pass Windows 7 Certification (step one in becoming an IT specialist, The IT crowd got to me haha)
4) Have a clean home (haha, this is a joke!)
5) Read more (for enjoyment)
6) Spend more quality time with my man
7) Spend more quality time with my kiddos

The problem is... THERE IS NO TIME TO DO THESE THINGS!!! I have been trying to figure out a plan/schedule so to speak to fit it all in, but nothing seems to work.

Here are my possible solutions:
1)  I think I need a job closer to home, that will add 1 hour to my day (you know the hour I spend on the road to and from work).
2) Get up an hour earlier in the morning for exercise.
3) Schedule 1 hour a night for studying
4) Read over the weekend
5) Have everyone in family clean for 30 mins every night and 1 hour on weekends
6) Make a menu plan and stick with it
7) Go to bed at 9 pm every night with my man.
8) Schedule fun time for the kiddos

lol these might work... but it all seems like so much work!!!!!!!!! Geesh, after working all day the last thing I want to do is work some more.  I need an assistant haha.

Oh well, back to studying. Which is what I have dedicated this hour too (and I am merely taking a break since my mind was wandering on other things I need/should be doing and I thought it might be a good time to write down those thoughts and move past them)... only 35 more minutes of studying.

Ham Dumplings

I have one word... YUM!

That is how to describe the Ham dumplings that Thomas made for us for dinner.  He used the left over Ham from our Christmas dinner.  We have tried to figure out ways to use the ham as to not have it go to waste, and give us a variety to eat.

He said something about Ham dumplings and I was like "ewww" and he said "you have never had ham dumplings?" I said "ewww".  He said "I have to make you some".  So he did.

In the pan

In my bowl.

And these darn Ham dumplings KICK ASS!!!! 

Now, while making those he decided to he would make my lunch for the following day.  He baked me a potato, then put that potato and ham in a pan along with some other "secret" ingredients and came up with "Baked Potato Ham Soup"... I devoured it today at lunch... it was absolutely delicious!  I know you are jealous.... eat your heart out! :) haha

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movies I have watched recently

I watched Water for Elephants with Thomas and Desmond and parts of it made me cry. I did doze (which I do often) for a few minutes in one part which to me means it got a bit slow.  But, overall the movie was very entertaining and held my attention.  I do recommend watching it and would love to read the book.

I watched Larry Crowne with Thomas and I really loved it!  It is one of my favorite movies now.  We got it from Redbox but now I will have to own it because it is one I will have to watch over and over again.  I highly recommend as an easy to watch film.  I like this kind of movie and I am a huge Tom Hanks fan.
Mr. Hobb's takes a Vacation. If you know me, you know that I ♥ Jimmy Stewart and view him as one of the very best Actors of all time!!!! I had never seen this movie until the other night when I watched it with Thomas and Desmond.  It was hilarious! It was everything I thought it would be.  This is a must see. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011


Thomas and I pooled our gift cards and Christmas money for a Keurig.  We also got the little caddy and two coffee mugs.

Here is another photo.  I love this thing!  I have already had a Mocha and Some fresh brewed southern sweet tea.
The only problem is the cups.  We paid $29.99 for these darn things and they leak.  I am a bit upset about them, guess that is another problem for another day to try to fix, not sure if they will take them back or not... but don't buy these cups!

90 Kohl's bucks

I shopped last minute this year for Christmas.  I mean I literally bought my first present 1 week to the day before Christmas.  I then proceeded to not purchase the rest of my gifts until Wednesday night before Christmas when Thomas and I hit Kohl's in Huntsville.  I hadn't been to that store but once and it was years ago.  I lucked up and found everyone besides the kids gifts there.  I spend $550 bucks there in just a few hours.  Which earned me 90 Kohl's bucks.  Now I can go this week and spend $90 dollars on myself!  I think that is pretty neat, not sure what I will get because I never was really looking for myself in that store.  But, I am sure I will spent my 90 dollars, that is one thing I am most definitely sure of.  Maybe a new pair of boots? Maybe Thomas a Columbia jacket?  The possibilities are endless at this point. haha

I am going to the hit some other stores too. My son has a gift card to Best Buy we will probably stop there.  I need to go somewhere for some warm walking clothes, and need to buy me a new scale too.  Not sure where or when... since everyone in this house besides myself is still asleep at 10:17 am, ughhh!

F bombs

I drop them daily, probably more than many sailors would.  Not sure how this habit started but that is what it is, I cuss horribly.  I mean I say shit, damn and hell all the time too, but those are less offensive than GD and F bombs.  All of these words have become just a part of my vocabulary for some reason.  I remember a time when I didn't cuss much... but that was like forever ago.  I would like to say the F bomb's came only when I was really emotional about something, like I really needed to express that emotion.  But, no... they come just when I say "I am going to go wash the F'ing laundry" or "what the "F" is this on the TV?"  I have even went so far as to say "You are the cutest F'ing dog in the world"...I mean come on, why did that require that word?  I am not offended myself by the word, only know that I offend others with it.  I cuss, its rather unfortunate because I don't know that it is a very attractive feature in a lady.  Who said I was a lady right? But, my New Year's Resolution is to slack on my cussing.  I mean I could give it a break from time to time and maybe fit some other words into my vocabulary?  I tell my kids all the time who have heard my potty mouth since they were too young to know it was wrong  that they don't ever want to say those words because once its in your vocabulary you use it, and before long you use it without even recognizing it until after its slipped out.  So far they don't cuss, or not around me at least.  I didn't cuss around my parents either when I was young... it just came out with age and here I am a 36 year old potty mouth.  The GD doesn't come out much because although I am not religious I have never liked to say that one, its very offensive to many and makes me feel like a moron when I say it, but it comes out when I least expect it, but those are usually always in the heat of a moment that I am really expression some sort of emotion and usually anger.

Do you have moments where you say cuss words before you realize it?  

I mean my mother-in-law to be doesn't like the word Fart.  Says its a cuss word.  Fart is nothing to me... It's a joke more than a cuss word.  Some words are just words to me and Fart is just that, a word.  I remember my daddy get on to me for saying piss when I was talking about one of them "piss ants" that had just bitten me.  It's what I heard those ants were called that bit people.  Those were "piss ants" and I didn't see what the big deal was even though I was only 6 or 7 years old.  Still at 36, the word piss means nothing to me.  It's just a word.  Maybe I am unusual in those words not bothering me at all and not considered cuss words? I have never corrected my kids with those words, and not sure they ever even say them.  Do you have words that are offensive to you that others use frequently?

Regardless of what offends me or others I want to stop dropping the F bombs and GD without even meaning to say them, at least let me say them because that is the emotion I am really expressing and not just a habit potty mouth that I have obtained.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I just got through celebrating an awesome Christmas with my family.  I am posting pictures from this past year here now.. and will update my blog soon with new layout, pages and such to try to keep up with my blog.  My new year's resolution is to blog more.  I use this as my journal... I write about anything and everything and really enjoyed getting my thoughts out here, and can use it as a timeline so to speak for my life, and I hate that I have ignored it so much over the years.... it's always been hit or miss.  I don't really have much of a "following" but I don't write this for fame or recognition, rather than just so notate events in my life and junk like that.... it's probably a boring blog compared to most I read, lol but it's mine.
There are crap ton of picture in this slide show, again, you may not want to view it but I will be able to view this as all the photos from 2011.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Now, to figure out how I want to do my blog!