Saturday, October 1, 2011

October and some randomness

If I had to pick my favorite month it would probably be October.  The cool breeze in the air, the leaves beginning to fall, the fall colors, the pumpkins, Halloween is coming, and college football is in full season.  Yes... October is an awesome month.

Now, I had big plans for this day that included lots of chores/organizing and cleaning around the house.  I have managed to avoid every single activity that I had planned. I have sat on my ass all day! Its been great!

Tomorrow I will clean my bedroom put up the summer stuff and get out the fall/winter clothing.  I have seen some awesome outfits I would like to try to make for simple prices that I seen on the website Pinterest.    I am going to try to come up with some money for a few nice outfits to wear this Fall.  I say that and I broke.. I mean broke!!!  I haven't been this broke in years actually.  I am all caught up with bills, thankfully... but broke!  Getting my kids in school this year hurt more than I intended.... I know to be better prepared next year.  Whew is all I can say!

Now.. on another note.  I have to have dental work done, so I think that may take place of any Fall outfits... blah! I was just dreaming.  In time though... I will get nice clothes!

I got a super bad perm a few months ago that has been driving me crazy! I have finally grew out the "stack" cut that I had though and I thought the perm would help me do that, which it did.. but it has damaged my hair horrible, and was too damn kinky curly.  Soooo I straightened last night.  I like it much better.  It is unhealthy as it was before I straightened even so now please take a moment to say a prayer for a quick recovery for my hair (A moment of silence for prayer here.... ).  Amen!

Now to get this dental work done, get the hair back healthy and lose about 20 lbs (I need to lose more but I am trying to be realistic here)....I will feel good and hopefully by this time be financially ready to buy some new clothes... that is the plan for now any way!

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