Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missing XBOX 360

It's the case of the missing XBOX 360.  Desmond has had his XBOX for a couple of years.  He used his birthday money to buy a new Football game and he ultimately LOVES his XBOX.

I received a call from him at about 3:20 pm one day (as soon as he got home from school) saying "Do you know where my Xbox is?"  I said "No, Did you do something for Thomas to take it away from you? He said "Not that I know of".  I said "I guess we will ask him about it and discuss it when I get home from work".

I got home and asked Thomas about it and he said "I haven't seen it and no I didn't take it".  Pure panic took over me at that moment.  Had someone been in the house?  Were we robbed?  OMG!

After tearing the house apart and looking for any other missing items it has been determined that NOTHING ELSE WAS TAKEN... and this person who "took" the XBOX broke in without any signs of a break in and walked all the way through the house past a PS3, Wii, Stereo system w/ speakers, Nikon D5000 camera with extra lenses, 2 Kindles, 2 laptops, got past 2 dogs without signs of struggle and walked all the way through to the back of the house to neatly unhook his XBOX and control and take it.  It happened to have his new Football game in it too.

I say this to say, I have no idea what or who happened to that XBOX but I am not buying another for Desmond. He has not actually been too heart broken over it as I know how it feels to be stolen from and it hurts bad no matter the item.  I hope he hasn't done something with it, and he is not being dishonest, but as of now it will simply be the case of the missing XBOX.

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