Friday, September 9, 2011

OH MY He is 13 already

My baby boy is 13.  I can not believe he is already a teenager.  Where did the time go?  He is 5'8.5" at least and weighs about 155 lbs and wears a size 10 shoe.  Yes he is a big boy! He is handsome, smart and I am super proud that he is MY son!

We didn't do much for his birthday this year because it came on a Friday. His sister was not home and I had to wait to get money on Friday to give him for his birthday.  So that meant I didn't have the funds for a cake or time to make one and didn't have time to shop for his birthday either.  He has a recently broken arm which has hindered what he wanted for his birthday which was a weight set.  I had no idea what to get him.  So I had decided I would take him to dinner, and give him money.  We could go buy his weight set or he could buy something else he might want.

Cathy decided she would bring over Whitt's BBQ for dinner. So we ate at the house. Thomas gave Desmond money, Cathy gave him money, my Daddy sent him money, and I gave him money.  We went out to buy him a cake later that evening but he said he really wanted a cookie cake.  I went to the mall but those bozo's said it was too late to get one from them, so we went to Academy sports, and other shoe stores and such for Desmond to shop for his birthday.  He wound up getting a game for his XBOX and saving the rest of his money for something else down the road.  He picked out a Roll Tide cookie cake (THAT'S My boy! ).

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