Thursday, August 18, 2011

Train and Maroon 5 Concert..... KICK ASS!!!

Here is a slideshow of some of the photos I have taken from that evening.  It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! If you recall I  have been to Lady Gaga this year and her show... was so different so alive and so damn awesome that I  honestly thought it would never in all my years be topped.  I was wrong.  I loved her and her music and style is wayyyyy different so I am not really comparing them but this concert ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was blown away. 

So here is a recap:
Thomas and I got off work early and drove to Nashville. We arrived, find a restaurant on Broadway named Broadway Brewhouse.  The atmosphere was a great start to our evening. We left after having dinner and a beer to hit the Arena.  Got in, purchased a couple of Train T-shirts and made it to our seats.  The seats were awesome btw.    1st up was PJ Morton.  Not that I totally disliked him, but his music wasn't my taste, until he did a bit of Stevie Wonder and that was awesome.  I didn't know he actually played with Maroon 5? I know it was a surprise to me too.  I hate that I didn't get to see Gavin DeGraw because I was looking forward to him, but PJ Morton's performance was just fine. 

Then it was time for Maroon 5.  I knew I was excited but for some reason when I saw Adam Levine in person it was like more excitement then I expected.  I love his voice. I love his talent. I like how he moves and think he is hot.  All of that is the reason why I knew I would be excited, why I had been excited weeks leading up to the concert.  But, when I saw him.... it was more than excitement.  I am like wow, even speechless.  I never thought I would be here. I listen to this dude and sing with him (yeah in my car) all the time and here I am seeing him in concert.  The entire performance KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He sang "She Will Be Loved" and something about that song, that voice, that atmosphere, being there and having just watched a totally bad ass show that I cried. lol It is hilarious to me now, but I did, I cried.  I was THAT intoxicated on their music and the atmosphere!

Then the finale.  TRAIN.  OMFREAKINGOD How I love them! I have listened to them for years.  Every song, every album I know and love.  Now, I have to be dreaming.  It is simply too much!   The performance was amazing, Pat (he doesn't know me but I am going to call him by his first name because he just made me feel like we could be friends with his humbleness)... so as I was saying Pat, put on a cowboy hat and managed to turn "She's on Fire" into some sort of modern country song that wasn't half bad, I am thinking he did that because we were in Nashville... but I did get a kick out of it!  Then he proceeds to pull a bunch like a bunch of gals from the crowd of all ages (yes I secretly wanted to be up there, but I am old and fluffy and would never put up that much effort lol) and these girls/women are all part of "The Trainettes" and it was a cute little number he did with them.

Whew... I am not done yet!  He pulls a little U2 out of his ass from somewhere that was freaking AMAZING!  Then, he just calmly said "Ladies and Gentlemen, Martina McBride"..... OMFREAKINGOD AGAIN!!! You have got to be kidding me! I LOVE HER.  I don't listen to a lot of country  but her... I love! I sing her shit in karaoke (or try to... please don't tell her I torture her music)... I sing.. no scream..  and belt out her tunes ALL THE TIME.  She has a special CD in my car with her name on it that has an MP3 of probably ever song she has ever sang... like EVER!  I put that CD in when I am blah and just want to sing it out.  (yeah, I do that shit... shhhh its our secret).  They proceed  (they being Pat and Martina... love this first name stuff, haha) to sing their asses off on "Broken Wing".  What a delightful surprise that was!

Then it got all mushy with some "Team Allen" (go type that in facebook to read about their story) where a soldier and his family won a contest about the song Marry Me and got to tell their story and yes this had me sobbing, crying.  I forgot to mention that Martina being there and them singing together yeah I was crying then too (God I must really be a basket case).  Train continued to sing songs that I love and I continued to scream out the fact that hey I know this song, I love this song, here let me sing this song with you until my voice was hoarse.  I screamed "I LOVE YOU TRAIN!!!!" I screamed, just a big ol' hooping hollar so they could here my one little scream.  I SCREAMED, and I SCREAMED SOME MORE! It was AWESOME!  I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sang... like I said it was a great night!  Then they said their goodbyes and left the stage. I knew they would come back, as that is tradition.... I looked at Thomas and said "They HAVE to come back they haven't done Drops of Jupiter".  He said "After all of that performance you are going to be upset because they don't do that song?".  I know I had to have given him a blank stare or something because then he said "don't worry they will be back".  So I immediately calmed back down and kept screaming my ass off for them to get their asses back on the stage to sing my damn song! Guess what? They must of heard me!  I do have one hell of a scream!  They came back and I got to hear my song... I belted it out with them (I have the video to prove it, and boy was I ever not on key during that whole song).  Destiny said "That is not you mom? Surely its not?", She just heard it when I played back the video a horrible sound drowning out the awesome music that Train was performing.  She said "you are normally in much better key than that" lol.  I said "I couldn't hear myself I was just letting everyone around me and the video I was recording know that I knew those words well and I was singing live with Train.  I sang with Train... maybe not on stage lol and maybe way off key... but in my head that was, is enough.  I am happy!

IT WAS AN AWESOME NIGHT! It was the best birthday present I can ever remember getting.  Thank you to my sexy man Thomas for loving me enough to think about me as much as you do!  Thank you for over looking how I was so obviously drooling over Adam Levine (even when I turned to you and said "He so freaking hot" and you just smiled because you knew I was happy).  I am a blessed lady with a man who truly loves me! :)  You rock my world harder then any song anyone could sing!

I will forever remember that night!

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