Friday, August 19, 2011

No work?

Thursday and Friday I have taken off to relax a bit and to rest up from that amazing concert.
I didn't do anything really on Thursday (yesterday).  Thomas and I got up and I messed around with concert photos, then we went to eat lunch at a place that I  had never ate, then we went to Walmart for Thomas some stuff for his guitar that he is building and to get some razors.  While I was there I got deodorant (you can thank me later), I got new mascara and I also got new hair color.  (I know you were all dieing to know what I got at Walmart haha).   I came home, colored my hair, and pretty much was lazy the rest of the evening... so was yesterday a good day? HELL YES! I didn't clean, I didn't even cook (Thomas made a roast w/ taters and carrots).  I like being lazy.  But sometimes I just want to go have some fun.

Since yesterday was my lazy day. Today will be productive. I have gotten up and taken Desmond to school, then paid my bills (I have like no money left after paying those bills... and you know going back to school has literally broke me) and I will be thankful I had the money to pay them (even though we may be eating Ramen Noodles until next payday).  I am going to put this computer down in like 5 minutes and get up to get the laundry going, dishes done, sweep and mop and straighten up the house.  I wanted to go to a winery or vineyard this weekend. Today I needed to do these things so I don't think I will fit it in, tomorrow? Maybe, who knows?  After I get the housework done, I am going to sit and be completely lazy again.  I am going to watch some movies we picked up from Redbox and chill.  Tonight? I am thinking of hitting the comedy hour at Flying Monkey... but it depends on my mood. I may just stay in and eat some salsa (that Thomas made) have some margaritas and continue my laziness.

There is a nice car show in Priceville tomorrow (Saturday) I might go there or.... I might plan a trip to a vineyard which is something for some reason I have always wanted to do but never have.  Sunday? It is my last day home... I have no freakin ideal of what I WANT to do, but I do know what I NEED to do and that is organize my bedroom/closet as it is all messy, but I don't wanna! I guess we will see how I feel then.  Monday I go back to work, at 4am... Joy Joy!

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