Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello, My name is Rodney

I had no home.  I was in a tiny little cage at the Decatur Animal Shelter and was hoping to get a new home.    My brothers, sisters and myself were all a part of an unwanted liter and my original owners gave us to the Animal Shelter in hopes to find us a home.

One day I found my new family... They came and took me to my new home.  I was very sick but they didn't know it.  They loved me, hugged me, played with me and fed me.  I was happy but getting sicker by the minute.  My new mom found a huge engorged tick in my ear on my very first night there and my new dad had to get it out while my mom held me down, it was so scary for all of us.  But, that was better quickly.  Then while I was sleeping my mom saw worms (round worm) coming from my rear end which freaked her out.  She didn't know much about puppies so she was worried sick over it.  She gave me some worm medicine and by the next day there were no visible signs of worms.  I had a cough, runny nose and was a bit lethargic.  They loved me so much but I kept feeling weak and sicker by the moment.  I hit my lowest point where I was not eating or even drinking fluids.  My mom took me to the doctor for medicine but nothing was helping me.  Then, her and my new sister was hand feeding me with a little syringe gatorade and kitten food until a few days went by and I started to perk up.  Turned out I had a pretty big size tapeworm that had finally died and left my poor little weak body.
Now, I am all better. I no longer cough (which was a pretty bad cough, where I would vomit after a spell), I eat everything in site and now my new family has to put me on a schedule just so I don't over eat.  My tummy is feeling much better. I know that I am loved by new family. My new brother and I play all the time.  I would also like to mention that he sure does have a lot of hair which makes it really easy to grab hold of him while we play hehe.
 I really like my new home and I am thankful that my family found me.  I am trying hard to be a 'good boy.  I like to talk to my family and I love to eat ice.  I still have issues with potty training but my mom tells me I am still young, even though I am 10 weeks old now.  She says she is going to be working with me until I learn where and when to go. I think she loves me and thinks I am special.

Just a reminder to all of you that I am sure there is a shelter near you that will have another dog as special as I am who needs some tender love and care.  Please take the time to donate supplies, your time or adopt a pet today! :)

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