Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Fish Fry and Tarzan

Well my family had another fish fry... this may be annual thing now as we have had two in the past two years.  I love seeing my family and eating yummy food so its a great thing to be a part of.

We go to my Aunt Pat and Ron's house on the river and eat, talk, act a fool.  :)

The kids were swinging on a rope from a tree into the water, most the kiddos doing it were smaller than my child.  My child didn't bring swim clothes so he hadn't been participating in the activity, until he sweet talked my aunt Pat for swim trunks.  I was talking to my cousin Randy and making my way down to the swim hole to watch/video/photograph the event of my son (who is usually scared to do most things) when I realized he seemed to be in a hurry all the sudden to do this.  I think its because smaller kids are doing it and he is so much bigger he wants to do it in a hurry. I told my cousin Randy I better hurry before he hurts himself and just as those words left my mouth I looked and saw a wobbly kid on a rope fall off the rope right until a retaining wall.  My cousin Randy proceeded with "To late".  I ran down to assist my baby, he is hanging on to this wall.  He is brave and not crying or anything but doesn't want to move.  He said "My legs, momma my legs".  My fear is he has broken both legs.  He is on his knees in a very shallow water, with his arms hanging over the wall.  I take off my shoes (what? they were over $100), and I get into the water, I try to move him and we realize real quick one of his arms is injured as well.  I pick him up (all 150 lbs of him) by his butt with the aid of my Daddy, Randy and Thomas.  We get him to a chair to assess his injuries.  Definetly both legs are injuried and his arm is mangled up.  The legs don't seem to be broken because he can stand on them now they are scraped up and have huge indentions but they are probably ok.  We put ice on one leg and get ice for his arm... you can look at it and tell it is damaged, more than likely broken.  We leave the fish fry and head for the ER.  Yes his arm is broken.  Desmond has is first broken bone of his life time right before his 13th birthday.  It was and exciting day, and Desmond has received the nickname of Tarzan. Here is a slideshow of photos from this day.

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