Thursday, August 11, 2011


OH MY GOSH YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I had to put that in all caps! It is that much excitement!)
Next Wednesday.... which is 6 days from now... I will be at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with the hottest man I know (Yes, that would be my Tbone).  We will be a witness to the most awesome concert.  I will have a seat in this arena.  A seat that was purchased by my Tbone for my 35th (ughhh I had to remind myself how old I was?) Birthday.  Are you sitting down?????  That seat in that Arena will be for none other than.....

YES!!!!  You read that right... Maroon 5 and Train in the same Arena on the same night... I will be in Music Heaven! :) 

Now you see why I was so excited! Jealous much?

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