Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Fish Fry and Tarzan

Well my family had another fish fry... this may be annual thing now as we have had two in the past two years.  I love seeing my family and eating yummy food so its a great thing to be a part of.

We go to my Aunt Pat and Ron's house on the river and eat, talk, act a fool.  :)

The kids were swinging on a rope from a tree into the water, most the kiddos doing it were smaller than my child.  My child didn't bring swim clothes so he hadn't been participating in the activity, until he sweet talked my aunt Pat for swim trunks.  I was talking to my cousin Randy and making my way down to the swim hole to watch/video/photograph the event of my son (who is usually scared to do most things) when I realized he seemed to be in a hurry all the sudden to do this.  I think its because smaller kids are doing it and he is so much bigger he wants to do it in a hurry. I told my cousin Randy I better hurry before he hurts himself and just as those words left my mouth I looked and saw a wobbly kid on a rope fall off the rope right until a retaining wall.  My cousin Randy proceeded with "To late".  I ran down to assist my baby, he is hanging on to this wall.  He is brave and not crying or anything but doesn't want to move.  He said "My legs, momma my legs".  My fear is he has broken both legs.  He is on his knees in a very shallow water, with his arms hanging over the wall.  I take off my shoes (what? they were over $100), and I get into the water, I try to move him and we realize real quick one of his arms is injured as well.  I pick him up (all 150 lbs of him) by his butt with the aid of my Daddy, Randy and Thomas.  We get him to a chair to assess his injuries.  Definetly both legs are injuried and his arm is mangled up.  The legs don't seem to be broken because he can stand on them now they are scraped up and have huge indentions but they are probably ok.  We put ice on one leg and get ice for his arm... you can look at it and tell it is damaged, more than likely broken.  We leave the fish fry and head for the ER.  Yes his arm is broken.  Desmond has is first broken bone of his life time right before his 13th birthday.  It was and exciting day, and Desmond has received the nickname of Tarzan. Here is a slideshow of photos from this day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Medical issues

I have three things going on with me medically that I really need to do something about and haven't for a long time.
1) I have a pretty good size knot on my head.  It is on the top right side of my head, it is small/round and hard as hell.  I did finally mention it to my brother (the Cardiologist) and he said he "wouldn't worry about it" while his wife (the Nurse Practitioner) said "You know he knows about the heart not the brain right?" haha.
Thomas has worried about it, I have worried about it, but it has been there probably 2 years now and I haven't had it checked out.

2) I have pretty significant shoulder pain. It has limited me this summer more than ever with the kayaking. The shoulder pain started about 4 years ago. It has gradually gotten worse and sometimes it is too painful to "fix" my hair so I just pull it up in a ponytail to keep from having to hold my arms up too long with the curling iron or straightener.  I even went and got a perm this year to make my hair extra curly so I might be able to moose it and go... and I HATE IT.  I beg for family to massage that one shoulder all the time and sometimes they do and it feels totally awesome like all the bad in the world is gone for that moment. I can't figure out what it is or where the pain is actually generalized to. That is weird I know. It is just an ache. Just a pain in my shoulder.... I try to "self diagnose" often.  I really should have it checked out before I have some major issue and have to require surgery or something I know.

3) I am obese.  There I said it. I have lost 5 lbs recently which is a start, but the fact that I need to lose close to 50 lbs says a lot about my health.  I have not been to see a physician about my health in over 5 years.  Sad but true.  I went to the doc in the box this year for my broken tailbone (because it was seriously injured and I didn't believe it was healing fast enough, because I wanted to be a bad ass derby girl, so I went to the doctor for that but want go for serious health issues? My priorities may be a bit confused).  I have not had a physical in over 5 years. I have avoided this because 1) I need a new doctor and don't know who I want to use. 2) I am obese and don't need them telling me this because DUH I already freaking know it! 3) I am borderline diabetic (another self diagnosis) I say this because I am obese and I feel as though I might claw someone's eyes out if I don't eat something sometimes.  Actually it feels as though I may vomit, I feel really sick, not hungry just sick and that feeling tells me I need food. I eat something (anything) and the feeling gets better. Now it might not be diabetes but I do know excessive weight and eating horrible (both of which I do) leads to Type II Diabetes and well... I avoid going to the doctor because I don't want to actually hear it.

Now it is pathetic that I am this way, I have worked in the Medical Field since 1998.... but I am only human.

I tell myself all the time to make time for myself.  Sadly the time I make for myself seems to be to sit and rest instead of do what I need to!


No work?

Thursday and Friday I have taken off to relax a bit and to rest up from that amazing concert.
I didn't do anything really on Thursday (yesterday).  Thomas and I got up and I messed around with concert photos, then we went to eat lunch at a place that I  had never ate, then we went to Walmart for Thomas some stuff for his guitar that he is building and to get some razors.  While I was there I got deodorant (you can thank me later), I got new mascara and I also got new hair color.  (I know you were all dieing to know what I got at Walmart haha).   I came home, colored my hair, and pretty much was lazy the rest of the evening... so was yesterday a good day? HELL YES! I didn't clean, I didn't even cook (Thomas made a roast w/ taters and carrots).  I like being lazy.  But sometimes I just want to go have some fun.

Since yesterday was my lazy day. Today will be productive. I have gotten up and taken Desmond to school, then paid my bills (I have like no money left after paying those bills... and you know going back to school has literally broke me) and I will be thankful I had the money to pay them (even though we may be eating Ramen Noodles until next payday).  I am going to put this computer down in like 5 minutes and get up to get the laundry going, dishes done, sweep and mop and straighten up the house.  I wanted to go to a winery or vineyard this weekend. Today I needed to do these things so I don't think I will fit it in, tomorrow? Maybe, who knows?  After I get the housework done, I am going to sit and be completely lazy again.  I am going to watch some movies we picked up from Redbox and chill.  Tonight? I am thinking of hitting the comedy hour at Flying Monkey... but it depends on my mood. I may just stay in and eat some salsa (that Thomas made) have some margaritas and continue my laziness.

There is a nice car show in Priceville tomorrow (Saturday) I might go there or.... I might plan a trip to a vineyard which is something for some reason I have always wanted to do but never have.  Sunday? It is my last day home... I have no freakin ideal of what I WANT to do, but I do know what I NEED to do and that is organize my bedroom/closet as it is all messy, but I don't wanna! I guess we will see how I feel then.  Monday I go back to work, at 4am... Joy Joy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Train and Maroon 5 Concert..... KICK ASS!!!

Here is a slideshow of some of the photos I have taken from that evening.  It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! If you recall I  have been to Lady Gaga this year and her show... was so different so alive and so damn awesome that I  honestly thought it would never in all my years be topped.  I was wrong.  I loved her and her music and style is wayyyyy different so I am not really comparing them but this concert ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was blown away. 

So here is a recap:
Thomas and I got off work early and drove to Nashville. We arrived, find a restaurant on Broadway named Broadway Brewhouse.  The atmosphere was a great start to our evening. We left after having dinner and a beer to hit the Arena.  Got in, purchased a couple of Train T-shirts and made it to our seats.  The seats were awesome btw.    1st up was PJ Morton.  Not that I totally disliked him, but his music wasn't my taste, until he did a bit of Stevie Wonder and that was awesome.  I didn't know he actually played with Maroon 5? I know it was a surprise to me too.  I hate that I didn't get to see Gavin DeGraw because I was looking forward to him, but PJ Morton's performance was just fine. 

Then it was time for Maroon 5.  I knew I was excited but for some reason when I saw Adam Levine in person it was like more excitement then I expected.  I love his voice. I love his talent. I like how he moves and think he is hot.  All of that is the reason why I knew I would be excited, why I had been excited weeks leading up to the concert.  But, when I saw him.... it was more than excitement.  I am like wow, even speechless.  I never thought I would be here. I listen to this dude and sing with him (yeah in my car) all the time and here I am seeing him in concert.  The entire performance KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He sang "She Will Be Loved" and something about that song, that voice, that atmosphere, being there and having just watched a totally bad ass show that I cried. lol It is hilarious to me now, but I did, I cried.  I was THAT intoxicated on their music and the atmosphere!

Then the finale.  TRAIN.  OMFREAKINGOD How I love them! I have listened to them for years.  Every song, every album I know and love.  Now, I have to be dreaming.  It is simply too much!   The performance was amazing, Pat (he doesn't know me but I am going to call him by his first name because he just made me feel like we could be friends with his humbleness)... so as I was saying Pat, put on a cowboy hat and managed to turn "She's on Fire" into some sort of modern country song that wasn't half bad, I am thinking he did that because we were in Nashville... but I did get a kick out of it!  Then he proceeds to pull a bunch like a bunch of gals from the crowd of all ages (yes I secretly wanted to be up there, but I am old and fluffy and would never put up that much effort lol) and these girls/women are all part of "The Trainettes" and it was a cute little number he did with them.

Whew... I am not done yet!  He pulls a little U2 out of his ass from somewhere that was freaking AMAZING!  Then, he just calmly said "Ladies and Gentlemen, Martina McBride"..... OMFREAKINGOD AGAIN!!! You have got to be kidding me! I LOVE HER.  I don't listen to a lot of country  but her... I love! I sing her shit in karaoke (or try to... please don't tell her I torture her music)... I sing.. no scream..  and belt out her tunes ALL THE TIME.  She has a special CD in my car with her name on it that has an MP3 of probably ever song she has ever sang... like EVER!  I put that CD in when I am blah and just want to sing it out.  (yeah, I do that shit... shhhh its our secret).  They proceed  (they being Pat and Martina... love this first name stuff, haha) to sing their asses off on "Broken Wing".  What a delightful surprise that was!

Then it got all mushy with some "Team Allen" (go type that in facebook to read about their story) where a soldier and his family won a contest about the song Marry Me and got to tell their story and yes this had me sobbing, crying.  I forgot to mention that Martina being there and them singing together yeah I was crying then too (God I must really be a basket case).  Train continued to sing songs that I love and I continued to scream out the fact that hey I know this song, I love this song, here let me sing this song with you until my voice was hoarse.  I screamed "I LOVE YOU TRAIN!!!!" I screamed, just a big ol' hooping hollar so they could here my one little scream.  I SCREAMED, and I SCREAMED SOME MORE! It was AWESOME!  I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sang... like I said it was a great night!  Then they said their goodbyes and left the stage. I knew they would come back, as that is tradition.... I looked at Thomas and said "They HAVE to come back they haven't done Drops of Jupiter".  He said "After all of that performance you are going to be upset because they don't do that song?".  I know I had to have given him a blank stare or something because then he said "don't worry they will be back".  So I immediately calmed back down and kept screaming my ass off for them to get their asses back on the stage to sing my damn song! Guess what? They must of heard me!  I do have one hell of a scream!  They came back and I got to hear my song... I belted it out with them (I have the video to prove it, and boy was I ever not on key during that whole song).  Destiny said "That is not you mom? Surely its not?", She just heard it when I played back the video a horrible sound drowning out the awesome music that Train was performing.  She said "you are normally in much better key than that" lol.  I said "I couldn't hear myself I was just letting everyone around me and the video I was recording know that I knew those words well and I was singing live with Train.  I sang with Train... maybe not on stage lol and maybe way off key... but in my head that was, is enough.  I am happy!

IT WAS AN AWESOME NIGHT! It was the best birthday present I can ever remember getting.  Thank you to my sexy man Thomas for loving me enough to think about me as much as you do!  Thank you for over looking how I was so obviously drooling over Adam Levine (even when I turned to you and said "He so freaking hot" and you just smiled because you knew I was happy).  I am a blessed lady with a man who truly loves me! :)  You rock my world harder then any song anyone could sing!

I will forever remember that night!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Tbone

You have put up with me for almost 9 years.  (Wow November is just around the corner)  You  have spoiled me rotten and loved me tons.  We rarely fight even though we often disagree.  Our chemistry is amazing.  You do your thing and I do mine but often it has us doing most things together.  You make me smile, you make me laugh. You hold me when I cry and ignore me when I am mad.   We have way more ups then we downs.  The children are almost grown, this is amazing. You have been there with me since Destiny was 8 years old and Desmond only 4.   I know we disagree over them more than anything else.   I am thankful for your efforts in helping them or helping me through all these years. I am a very lucky lady to have you and I don't want to take you for granted. You are so special to make time for me and dates with me.  Thank you for all you have done for me.
I look forward to many more years with you.  You are my knight in shinning armor.  I love you

My Junior

11th grade. Wow, I was just a bit older than you when I was giving birth to you.  It is amazing how fast time flies.  I am scared to death to watch you mature in to the young woman you are. I love you so much and I am so proud of you and your accomplishments.  I am scared because I don't trust others. I don't trust others out on the road that will be driving while you are. I don't trust boys who will play with your heart and try to break it. I don't trust some friends who may not be good influences on you and I just worry constantly at the time of your life you are in. One decision can change the rest of your life for good or for bad.  I wish you wisdom this year to stay on track of your goals, but I have faith in you and the person you are that you will do the right things.  Your smile is killer, I mean you can break hearts with it so be careful! You have been such a blessing to me and guided my life in the path that it has taken, you are my daughter, my Destiny.

I love your musical talent, your voice is heaven sent.  Your guitar playing is pretty amazing too, especially knowing how you have self taught yourself. I am proud for you that you made Chamber choir again I love how much you love music!

I am so happy that you have made the decision to stay with the IB program. This is your first year in actual IB courses and I know most of your friends dropped down to AP.  I feel you are making a wise decision to aid you in scholarships.  I believe you are super smart and can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I know we argue over that darn cell phone often, and how you slack on the chores, and how your car isn't drivable yet... but you are a wonderful daughter that any mother would be honored to have and thankfully you are my girl.  I love you tons.

I hope your Junior year is everything you hope it to be and you accomplish all that you can.  I hope you have tons of laughs with friends.  I love you and I am super proud to be your mom.

My 7th Grader

Wow, time sure is flying by you are my baby and a 7th grader.  You are taller than me now, and are growing too darn fast!  I remember holding you as a baby and rocking you to sleep.  I miss those days so much when I could care for you and watch over you and know you were safe.  You are now such a big boy, actually a young man and I want you to know that I am super proud of you even though I ride you sometimes.  You are smart, thoughtful, and funny. You have a gorgeous smile and give great hugs.

I am proud that you are in advanced math and science and honors language. You make my heart smile.  I worry about you often, will you grow up to be a good man? Am I do everything I should be doing as your mother? I know I am not perfect and you get mad at me often.  Just know that everything I ride you for and all the things that I ask you to do are for your own good and I do them because I love you.  Wow, you turn 13 in less than a month, you are officially a teenager!!!! I am so proud of you!

I know you wanted to play football this year and that didn't work out.  I miss watching you play sports that you like, but I want you to play something that you really put your heart in and work at.  Hopefully you will find that soon.

You are going to have a very exciting new year at school.  You are not the new kid at the Middle School this year you know your way around.  I think you will enjoy this year and I hope you know that I am here for you always!
I love you, and feel so blessed that I have you as my son.  I am super proud to be your mom.  I hope your 7th grade year is everything you want it to be and your achieve every goal you set.

Hello, My name is Rodney

I had no home.  I was in a tiny little cage at the Decatur Animal Shelter and was hoping to get a new home.    My brothers, sisters and myself were all a part of an unwanted liter and my original owners gave us to the Animal Shelter in hopes to find us a home.

One day I found my new family... They came and took me to my new home.  I was very sick but they didn't know it.  They loved me, hugged me, played with me and fed me.  I was happy but getting sicker by the minute.  My new mom found a huge engorged tick in my ear on my very first night there and my new dad had to get it out while my mom held me down, it was so scary for all of us.  But, that was better quickly.  Then while I was sleeping my mom saw worms (round worm) coming from my rear end which freaked her out.  She didn't know much about puppies so she was worried sick over it.  She gave me some worm medicine and by the next day there were no visible signs of worms.  I had a cough, runny nose and was a bit lethargic.  They loved me so much but I kept feeling weak and sicker by the moment.  I hit my lowest point where I was not eating or even drinking fluids.  My mom took me to the doctor for medicine but nothing was helping me.  Then, her and my new sister was hand feeding me with a little syringe gatorade and kitten food until a few days went by and I started to perk up.  Turned out I had a pretty big size tapeworm that had finally died and left my poor little weak body.
Now, I am all better. I no longer cough (which was a pretty bad cough, where I would vomit after a spell), I eat everything in site and now my new family has to put me on a schedule just so I don't over eat.  My tummy is feeling much better. I know that I am loved by new family. My new brother and I play all the time.  I would also like to mention that he sure does have a lot of hair which makes it really easy to grab hold of him while we play hehe.
 I really like my new home and I am thankful that my family found me.  I am trying hard to be a 'good boy.  I like to talk to my family and I love to eat ice.  I still have issues with potty training but my mom tells me I am still young, even though I am 10 weeks old now.  She says she is going to be working with me until I learn where and when to go. I think she loves me and thinks I am special.

Just a reminder to all of you that I am sure there is a shelter near you that will have another dog as special as I am who needs some tender love and care.  Please take the time to donate supplies, your time or adopt a pet today! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Just my crazy thoughts

I have not had my skates on in so long that I can't even remember. I bought $400 skates.  I love my new skates that I have only skated on like 5 times ever.  I loved going skating and improving and exercising and enjoyed it alot.  I did however not like falling on my ass. The first time was understandable as I was so unsteady and I possibly should have waited until I was 100% before getting back out there but the second time I fell I even with butt pads was so horrible.  I still have tenderness in my tailbone region when I move a certain way or get up a certain way and the first fall I had taken was in Jan 2011.... I mean geesh!  I do feel that derby is not for me although I love the sport and watching those bad ass girls out there.  I feel I am either a wimp, or such a clutsy skater that I don't need to try to do anything other than skate around a circle haha. But! I can do that! I don't know why I haven't.  But basically I have taken off the whole summer.  I really never intended on quiting my goal of being a bad ass derby girl but my work schedule was really starting to hinder me making it to practice (being on call and having early mornings and such).  Plus, the tailbone placing a fear in me that I couldn't seem to shake.   I quit.  Just poof, worked hard to start something, get somewhere and just poof Quit! I hate feeling like a quitter. 

I seem to have let myself down lately.  My motivation to do something, have an accomplishment has left me.  My mood has been more on the negative side instead of the positive which is really not like my character at all.   I really need to evaluate my laziness and get busy.  I have such added stress with my job, the kids, the home, the dogs (yeah I know this shouldn't stress me but puppies are difficult especially if they are sick!), the bills... that it is super hard to tend to myself and my own goals and achievements.

Now to be positive. I have already at 35 years old accomplished so much!  I should pat myself on the back and hold my head up high despite my failures the last year and just admit that I am human and only one person.  I can only do so much.  But, I could do more than I do now because I know areas that I am slacking in.  Those slackers actually add more stress to my life.  The laundry isn't getting done because I am busy watching my favorite TV show.  The dog isn't getting potty trained because I am busy watching my favorite TV show.... I remember a time in my life when I didn't watch TV...... and now I am all about my TV shows.  I do enjoy them and see nothing wrong with them as long as I am fitting time in my life for myself, my goals and to help my stress level.  SOOOOOOOOO..... I can positively say that I can fix all the bad in my life, and that is a blessing to be able to say. There are those who suffer far more than I can even imagine and my life is just that, my life.  I hold the key to my success and happiness. :) 

I think I am going to go skating soon, I think I am going to read a book just for fun again, I think I am going to do some studying, I think I am going to walk my dogs more, I think I am going to get a better handle on my responsibilities as a mother, lover, pet owner and homeowner.... and I think that I do all of this by simply keeping my priorities in perspective. 

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


OH MY GOSH YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I had to put that in all caps! It is that much excitement!)
Next Wednesday.... which is 6 days from now... I will be at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with the hottest man I know (Yes, that would be my Tbone).  We will be a witness to the most awesome concert.  I will have a seat in this arena.  A seat that was purchased by my Tbone for my 35th (ughhh I had to remind myself how old I was?) Birthday.  Are you sitting down?????  That seat in that Arena will be for none other than.....

YES!!!!  You read that right... Maroon 5 and Train in the same Arena on the same night... I will be in Music Heaven! :) 

Now you see why I was so excited! Jealous much?

What a Summer!

Summer in photos:

As you can see we had some fun this summer! :)  It has came and went too fast!  School starts on Monday (8/15/11) and I am the proud Mother of a 7th grader and a Junior... no matter how many times I say it is still unFREAKINbelievable. 
I think this has been one of the less eventful Summers but it was still enjoyable. I wish we could have made it to the beach but maybe next year... this year was just too hard to fit it all in financially.  I know I am looking forward to Fall, the cool crisp breeze in the air, Alabama Football, Halloween... Yes, ready I am.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids photos August 2011

I took the kiddos for photos the day before school started this year.  They sure are getting big.  Here are some of the pictures.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My bubba and his awesome family

My brother and his family came to visit.  We had an awesome little short visit at my house.  Then later met with family at Ryan's in Gardendale for a family dinner.  Their visits are always super quick, but very cherished! I hope to get to visit with them again soon.  Here are some photos from that visit.

Like I said, very short but very special! I love my brother and his girls.... :)