Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why do I do this?

 Why do I go days, no weeks, no months! without typing on my blog?  Guess its because I have a life.

**Note that if I could possibly make time to fit this blog into my life more I WOULD! So no offense to those folks that manage to blog more often and I love reading your blogs when I get the chance to do so!

My gosh there has been so much going on, where to start!

1. My daughter turned 16. OMGOSH!!!!!!! I know that is unreal.  She had a birthday party with a big surprise

Then on the day she got her license, she had a small incident in a parking lot (someone hit my car door), the very same day she got them! She was also not where I thought she would be and had someone in the car with her that I was unaware of, so she hasn't driven since the day she got her license.... kids!  I love her much though!
Oh and because this was done in a parking lot there is no fault and I am responsible for my own car (which means $500 deductible). Even though my car wasn't running and the kiddos were in the car (but the person that wasn't suppose to be in the car was in the back with the door opened) when another drive parked next to them took off (forward) out of his parking lot and caught my back door that was opened.... it literally bent the door back..... $1200 in damages.

I came home to a rain of glass one day (happens to be the same week of my car damage).  I opened up my front glass door and it shattered all over me! (probably 300 bucks or more in damages) No one knows what happened!

I had a flat tire on my way to work (same week off all the above mishaps). ($350 bucks for two knew front tires (as I needed the other side too and front end alignment)

Needless to say there has been a lot of unusual activities lately and my bank account is still sobbing over the hurt I have caused it.

I miss skating, haven't been in a long time, haven't seen any of the Derby girls in a real long time and I was really enjoying that, but I haven't found the magic fountain of time yet, oh wait that is youth....  I need to find some time is what I am trying to say.

Speaking of the fountain of youth. Oh my cheese wiz, you would not believe the amount of gray hair I have now.  Thomas' said I look distinguished but I just feel old.   Something else I hadn't blogged about I had another birthday I am a year older.   ACK!  I am 35 year young lady who is need of a cheap box of coloring haha.  But, I am waiting to color my hair as my recent perm has damaged my hair enough I should not inflict more harm at this time else I might go bald(er).  I had my hair thoroughly cleansed, they use some chemical that is suppose to strip the hair of all the film from washing and stuff (I dunno what they call that really) but they did this before the perm, it stripped all the color I had on my hair right out!  Not only did I get a perm but I got a dull flat color that resembles my natural hair color, really weird I know... ohhhhhhhhh and while I am on the subject of Youth (that was the subject I was on right?).  I have a horrific crease, errr wrinkle.  Its between the eyes ya know, from scowling, frowning, squinting at the sun... I make this wrinkle occur daily basically ALL DAMN DAY so it is destined to get worse! I need a botox hook up and I am not that primpy, frilly type who go and "pamper" myself.  I need it so I don't look pissed all the time even when I am not!

Ok other things that have happened. OMG It has been so long since I posted here let me think...

I went to Nashville to LADY GAGA concert that Thomas got me tickets to for Christmas! Let me just say I love her!  It was an awesome trip!

This beautiful building to the left is the awesome place we stayed while being in Nashville and it was Gorgeous!

We went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) here in HSV which got postponed due to a power outage, which how did I not mention the record breaking events that took place in my area, that is going to require a post of its on.  But, very kindly TSO rescheduled the event made a nice donation to The American Red Cross on the behalf of the people in the area and even though it was a very small crowd there they rocked the house!

I have booked not one, or two, but three camping trips coming up the next few weeks, so I again will busy outside of running a household, working full time, being a mom, a girlfriend, and a pet owner haha.  So, more to come but who knows when... sorry! I probably lost any or all of anyone that read this blog, but its my blog and next year when I look back to what was going on this year I will be able to recall all these good and bad things that has happened.

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