Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday!!!

Good Friday!

Earth Day!

Surely this will be an awesome day! :)

I have caught up on some much needed down time lately, been pretty lazy actually.  My house is an absolute mess, the yard isn't really a yard its more of a jungle.  My studying has not happened, my exercise is non existing.   Sooooo yeah, I am all caught up on down time.  Now its time to focus on the must do's and need to's to get things running smoothly again.

Tonight its work on the house and get things in order like buying washing powders, cleaning supplies and such that we have been out of.

Tomorrow is house cleaning/ yard work all damn day (its THAT BAD!).

Sunday is Kayaking.   Yep, no Easter eggs or crammed pack church.  I am the type of person that I don't regularly go to church so don't intend to go one day a year just to be seen at Church on Easter Sunday.... so my family and I will be out on the water kayaking, soaking up the sun and enjoy a nice quiet family day together. 

I am going to make myself of a goal to lose 10 lbs. Its a small goal but its a start.  I am going to be doing some form of exercise daily, and trying to not eat everything I friggin' see.... wish me luck!

I have a brand new kindle that Thomas got me for Christmas... yes Christmas.  I have loaded 15 or so books on it, and have not read a single one of them!!! Its time I do something about that.... I really need to be spending time relaxing with a book as it is one of my all time favorite things to do!

Studying... I still have dreams of moving into the IT field eventually but that will not ever happen if I do not study.... study.... study.  I haven't cracked open one of those books in I don't know when.  I should be ready to take tests already and I should have actually already had a couple of certificates.  I have spent hours studying to only spend months not reading it to probably lose what I had gained... ughhhh

Skating! I miss it! I have went to a few public sessions but its not the same knowing I have gave up that goal of being a Derby girl.  Well, not given up but put it on the back burner with so many other of my want to's.    I miss the girls and friends that I had made.  I still have something that belongs to them, I need to get with my girl Gina to give it to her.... ughhh I just thought about that, its so hard to remember things that I need to, like paying the utility bill!  I have the money and have had it, but forgot to pay it online like I usually try to do, and now its going to close to the cut off date to pay online I have to go by the place and I have forgot to this for 4-5 days now lol hopefully my brain doesn't fail me this weekend and I go buy there before they are actually cut off... How did I get on my bills here? lol I guess its just an example of how scattered my brain is and how I can't seem to focus on ANYTHING!!!!

On another note, we had fun at A-DAY game.... but I much rather go to an actual ball game!

Lady Gaga kicks ass! I don't care if you don't like her or think she is a dude, or just crazy as hell.... She is an awesome performer.  She has helped so many people feel confidence in themselves and who they are and she is truly talented! :) I totally loved her concert!

Now... time to get my ass busy!  Hope everyone has an awesome day!

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