Sunday, March 27, 2011

No freaking time!

I think I will soon have more time, but lately geesh!

I went off on a weekend camping trip with Thomas since I last posted here.  Which I had planned to make a big post w/ photos about the place we stayed (maybe I will post about it soon).

And, I also quit trying to be a bad ass with roller derby.  I have been very sad and torn over this decision.... my work kind of helped me out by telling me that I have to start being on call every other week for 7 days in a row.  I can't have the cell phone attached to my hip at practice three of the 7 days and no I am not happy about this one bit.  There is really no compensation for carrying the phone, only if I actually get a call... and seems I have no say in the matter.    Also I was going to be missing Dodge ball this Saturday (but it was rained out and will be next Saturday so maybe I can still make it!) for Destiny's All-state performance in B'ham.  Got to looking at things and noticing all the practices/events I would be missing. All the gas money (which is steadily going up) that I would be using to drive to HSV those 3 days plus events... and looking at my skill level.  I am pathetic right now (not that I don't see improvement in my future) but it is going to take me a while to get physically ready for derby.   I have opted to skate with my family one to two nights a week and get more comfortable on my skates and practice some of the basic skills in derby as to one day try boot camp again go from there. I do plan to still volunteer and support DDG any way that I can... and I have met some absolutely wonderful people through this organization that I hope to never lose contact with these amazing people.

My tailbone is still tender and sore at times, hopefully it continues to heal and I will be able to spend hours out on the kayak soon (but I guess it will have to be a time that I am not on call GRRRRR).

Well these are just a few things going on with me, things will improve but right now I am not in a very good mood about many things..... blah

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  1. I'm sad you're gone, but glad you were there for a while (and might be back!).

    About the gas thing - you go twice as far as me, and I was also calculating all the money I'll save from not having to drive to practice - it really adds up!

    Hope to see you at the bout.