Sunday, March 27, 2011

No freaking time!

I think I will soon have more time, but lately geesh!

I went off on a weekend camping trip with Thomas since I last posted here.  Which I had planned to make a big post w/ photos about the place we stayed (maybe I will post about it soon).

And, I also quit trying to be a bad ass with roller derby.  I have been very sad and torn over this decision.... my work kind of helped me out by telling me that I have to start being on call every other week for 7 days in a row.  I can't have the cell phone attached to my hip at practice three of the 7 days and no I am not happy about this one bit.  There is really no compensation for carrying the phone, only if I actually get a call... and seems I have no say in the matter.    Also I was going to be missing Dodge ball this Saturday (but it was rained out and will be next Saturday so maybe I can still make it!) for Destiny's All-state performance in B'ham.  Got to looking at things and noticing all the practices/events I would be missing. All the gas money (which is steadily going up) that I would be using to drive to HSV those 3 days plus events... and looking at my skill level.  I am pathetic right now (not that I don't see improvement in my future) but it is going to take me a while to get physically ready for derby.   I have opted to skate with my family one to two nights a week and get more comfortable on my skates and practice some of the basic skills in derby as to one day try boot camp again go from there. I do plan to still volunteer and support DDG any way that I can... and I have met some absolutely wonderful people through this organization that I hope to never lose contact with these amazing people.

My tailbone is still tender and sore at times, hopefully it continues to heal and I will be able to spend hours out on the kayak soon (but I guess it will have to be a time that I am not on call GRRRRR).

Well these are just a few things going on with me, things will improve but right now I am not in a very good mood about many things..... blah

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My heart is in aching for the people in Japan, this has truly been the most devastation my eyes have ever witnessed (through video and photos only thankfully).  I mean an earthquake to a Tsunami to a Nuclear meltdown... WOW!  The fear, the heartache, the confusion, the concern, the many emotions, so many people affected.  Sending all my good vibes that way as they need them more than I do at this moment.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

At a turtles pace

I am racing through a hectic schedule at a slow pace, which doesn't seem right... but that is why I am about to freaking insane!

I have been so stressed lately that I thought this weekend would be a great time for a get-a-way.... One of those lets just do something sort of things. I booked us a room at Gold Strike in Tunica and Thomas and headed there on Saturday evening.  We didn't get out our way until close to 2 due to having to go the eye doctor for new glasses for Destiny and myself, then go home, straighten up, wash clothes, pack and shower lol before I knew it, it was already after 1 pm. ACK! Got in the car to realize its a 4 hour drive! WHAT I though maybe 3 but was leaning toward 2.5 hrs lol not 4!  Oh well live and learn it had been a long time since I had been.

We got there, got checked in and gambled all night! It was great. Neither of us lost our shirt in the entire evening, even though that might have been a site lol we didn't thankfully!

Got settled in the room to sleep at about 6 am and got up at 9 am to drive back home, man its a long drive! Didn't say that already?

Home to more laundry and a dog that acted as though we were gone for days.  I slept on and off all evening (bailed out on a practice/gathering that I really wanted to attend but I was sooooooooo tired, I would have either stared at ppl blankly or fell asleep there). 

Got up this morning for 4 am clinic, joy joy joy! Makes me want to say ugly nasty words this morning despite the fact that I have gotten plenty of sleep now.

I need to get to moving as fast as my time goes by, I might actually get more accomplished.  Tomorrow evening is a meeting for work from 530 to730 pm which will take over my entire evening... but Wed. is Derby practice. I am so ready to be back around my new friends! I miss them! Oh on the bottom, I have definetly re-injured something.  I have not skated Sunday the 27th and not sure when I will return to the rink, I am having reservations about pushing it because I am so tired of ass my hurting and not being able to sit comfortably or get in and out of the car without pain.  I am ready to put forth more effort toward my goals but the pain has got to get better.  Two of my freshmeat friends are now scrimmage eligible and I will miss them not being freshmeat any longer but I am super duper proud of them for reaching their goals so quickly... and a little envious as I feel farther from mine then when I first made the plan of joining.  Blah! Its depressing almost.

I had told myself one more blow to the ass and I would call it quits. I don't feel like quiting and I am not ready to do that yet, but I do feel like I need to the bottom heal! If I landed on it again while it is still this sore and tender I very well may not get up, or injure myself beyond natural repair, or give up on my goal all together.  So, I am not going to push it this time. 

Well, this week shall be long and busy... maybe I will make it to the end at my slow pace and finish ahead :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting better

Whew, I have not felt quiet like myself the past two days.  I am glad to be feeling human again. I went to work on Monday morning early clinic, worked 4.5 hrs and left for the day.... then called in today.  I rarely miss work, and this year alone have missed more work than I did all last year (if you don't count my week long vacation that is).  I don't know what it is, about me and getting the funky stuff lately.  On top of pmsing, my tummy wanted to give me fits.. ugh! I am feeling better though and ready to get back to work tomorrow.

My man is skating tonight without me.  I feel sad by this, but know he is having fun breaking in his new skates..... I am just not up to skating tonight.  

On another note: My pets are super awesome, my dog thinks he is a baby and my cat thinks she is a queen.  I ♥ Them both so much!  My kids have been doing better... there is a light at the end of the tunnel!