Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yes that is me tooting my own horn! :)

I love love love my new skates.  They have some breaking in time they still need and I have to learn how to lace them exactly (not too tight or too loose), but once out on the floor I felt like a different skater. Yes I am still nervous from my tail injury, but I even did a few crossovers today and took the corners much faster with my new skates they are awesome!  Now to work on my endurance, balance and get that left leg use to working more I will be set to start focusing on the goals to achieve for derby.  I love derby, love watching them, learning and practicing with them all.... but know that I am far from scrimmage eligibility and I am ok with that.  Fix some of my issues and work on my weaknesses and I will be kicking ass before long! (See new found hope and encouragement today)

We had outdoor practice, and even though I totally suck at outdoor skating and it is ALOT tougher than it appears.... I loved it! :) I love that I am making new friends and getting to spend some with such awesome people!  I love skating (even though I may not appear to with all my stopping and slowing that I do). 

I am going to his Skate Castle on Tuesday night.... then practice on Wednesday and skate again on Thursday at the Castle.  My goal this week, to work on skating in the right stance (without bending my back but "sitting on the public toilet" with the knees bent), endurance and crossovers.  Next week I will set other goals for myself.  I am so glad I am working through the injuries (oh that little annoying muscle that has given me horrible fits has not bothered me one time today!!! I think it was my skates, and I am so super glad that there is one less thing for me to complain about haha.  Now get the booty healed the rest of the way and I will be set... btw it is much better but still an issue with skating for me... at the rate it has healed though I really think it will not be an issue at all in a week or two tops! :)

Ok, I am thinking of ordering some steak out for dinner lol its been a long day! :)

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