Sunday, February 13, 2011

This weekend

I have done nothing!  Friday nights practice pretty much kicked my ass and I couldn't even put forth 100% work out due to the butt issues. Chocolate definitely kicked my booty... my legs, my abs are so sore right now... it feels good!!!!!  I love knowing the the right muscles that needed worked out were definitely worked out.  It has been 2.5 weeks since I fell on my booty so I am hopefully just a couple more weeks and I will be back at 100%.... very hopeful! I do feel much better than before, but of course squats and lunges, and full situps are hard to do with a broken bum.    I have learned how to exercise my one little skate muscle that has been a biotch to me lately and will be exercising that.

Saturday, I slept the morning away, had a nice brunch at Waffle house, went grocery shopping and V-day shopping, watched some flicks with the family and overall the day was uneventful and nice.

Today, I have slept the morning away again! lol I love weekends.  Made some sticky buns for breakfast and now sit here wondering where to begin the dreaded housework, blah.

Tonight is practice, I think it may be a scrimmage..... I look forward to watching this, taking notes, learning more as I don't have full concept of everything as of yet.

Tomorrow..... is Valentine's Day!  There was a time I despised the holiday  because well it was so over rated and if you don't have a partner/spouse/companion then you are made more aware and rather you feel lonely on a daily basis or pretty content in your situation this day will always provoke loneliness.  I do enjoy the holiday now that I have someone special.  We will be celebrating our 9th Valentine's day together... that amazes me! Time flies when your having fun I reckon... but it sure doesn't feel like we should be working on our 9th year together.

Now its time to get busy though.... this house has been neglected for 2 weeks or more and its not cleaning itself as much as I have wiggled my nose or nodded my head (bewitched or I dream of Jenny) nothing works!!!  I'm going in (whose got my back?).

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