Saturday, February 5, 2011


I took some posters to some local business here in Decatur.  I hit (Zero Gravity,  Skate Castle, Rue 21, Doughnuts, Party Central, The comic shop, Glasses bar and grill, Our place bar and grill, Wiley's sporting goods and Gloria's good health). They all let me put a poster up or a flyer up.  Soooo I tried to get some word out here in Decatur. 

This is a super fun event for a super good cause so if you happen by this site and I am excited to be able to go!

I am planning on skating tomorrow, at Skate Castle.  I will still not be able to do falls, or special things, but since I have to work on cross overs anyway, a regular skate in a regular session will be just fine for me.  I will be sporting my butt pads, to try to assure myself its ok... I MUST practice the derby stance and not falling on my ASS!

I do plan to skate at the skate-a-thon.  So that gives me two sessions, and more than likely will go Tuesday night (3 sessions).... to get back use to my skates. I will practice with the girls on Friday and not push myself too much by doing only the drills that I know I can do without harming my po ass. lol   It has improved, but still very tender while rising and sitting.... but other than that, unless I am startled and tense up the butt for some reason lol it doesn't bother me too bad.  I know the falls will be painful, some of the stops will be but regular skating I feel I will be ok.... we shall see!

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