Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pushing on through

This week has about knocked me down and if that wasn't enough it proceeded to stomp on top of me a few more times for good measure.  It feels like one of the longest weeks and really nothing too exciting is going on... weird I know.

I have been super busy lately, and trying to get caught up on everything and deal with all sorts of other issues... so its just a rough week.  I have done stupid things like pay the utility bill through my bank acct online but 70 bucks short, for no reason other than I wasn't paying attention to how much I paid the bill for... so now I have to get 70 more bucks to them to avoid a cut off, which is stupid because they already got 250 bucks earlier!!!  Yes the utility bill was 330 bucks, which is another reason to make me have a bad week.  I should be thankful I have the funds for such a thing, and not complain about it lol but its just one of those weeks where I complain ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

But I can always count my blessings no matter what! :) This too shall pass.

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