Thursday, February 10, 2011

My man can

Do you remember when Thomas gave me a perm? I shocked ppl a few years ago when I told them that he did that for me and he did a GREAT job with it.  What does he do? He is a Computer Technician... but in reality he is a jack of all trades.  I tell him I want or need or ask him "will you?" and he does the best he can do accomplish anything that is placed in front of him! He rocks so hard the earth could shake.

He did an excellent job on the perm by the way... but over the years I have chopped the hair off more than a few times. I paid 65 bucks for a girl to put maybe 7 streaks of red in my hair a few weeks ago.. it was sad!  I was very disappointed in what I got for the money. I had tons of gray showing and decided I wanted to dye my hair again... SO I dyed it dark again as per the usual color for the last year or so, and got some red color to see if he could do what she did.  He streaked it, its even, its blended wonderfully, its not too much (as I wouldn't want to have issues at work for "wild" hair) but its enough to make me feel like something new and cool was done... and it cost 15 dollars!  I love my man! He snapped at me a few times, but it was because he was nervous he was going to screw it up, it was his first time with the coloring... he did AWESOME!

On another note: He is loving going skating with me, he is such a good support for me.  He is researching skates and is building himself a custom pair of skates.  When I learn to skate, and know more of what I may need/want he will build me a pair!

Some other things he has done.  He made me a handmade dulcimer (you know what that is? google it haha).  He puts up a zillion Christmas lights and makes them animated to music, he built a touring canoe from scratch, He cooks (really yummy food), He makes the best mixed drinks and frozen coffee drinks, He fixes things around the house like an outlet that went out (I would have had to call an electrician for that, so I am glad he is so awesome).... you get the point? HE amazes me! And this is why I am super duper lucky he loves me!

He skated at the skate a thon the whole time, he probably did 150 or more laps himself.... he is learning how to go up on his toes while skating and doing the jam skating, I am proud of him for what he has learned already, and jealous too lol.  Just makes me want to reach my goals that much more!

Valentine's is coming up too.... will I ever be able to give him enough, to show him enough, to amount to as much as he has already given, shown and done for me?  I sure hope so.

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