Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. Right

I know many women look for Mr. Right and some never seek him out.  I was never really looking for Mr. Right, but have been one of the luckiest women when it comes to finding the PERFECT man.

Is there such a thing as perfect? NO! lol but you get the point, he is amazing!!!!!!!

He took off work yesterday and babied me because of my sore butt... lol he encourages me to do anything that I want to do and will support me in anything that I want to do.  He looks at me out of the blue and says "You are so beautiful".  He makes me mixed CD's just because.... speaking of I came home on Monday night and he handed me a beautiful CD full of some awesome music!   He cooks for me, makes me drinks, rubs my feet and loves me just as I am (flaws and all).  We have had 8 wonderful years together, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

I had some failed attempts at relationships and had actually thought, there is no use, why bother with a relationship they never work out for me anyway and was ready to settle in, be a mother to my kids and take care of us.  All this mind set in place, and in walked my Mr. Right when I wasn't even looking for him. 

I have felt so shitty over my stupid little injury that I was down on myself and about to give up on some of my goals..... but he never fails to encourage me and assure me that its not actually my fault I am injured, "shit happens" and this will get better and I can still do whatever I want to do!    It is awesome to have someone love and care for you, a best friend through thick and then and a #1 fan by yourside no matter what you do in life.  

Ok... enough mush... lol everyone who knows me knows he spoils me rotten and I love him! :)

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