Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, you are not my favorite.

Now, that has been said.

I am ready to skate!  Not only am I ready to get awesome at skating, I am ready for camping.  The weather is ready for me to do so too!  I am ready for kayaking, cycling, white water rafting, hiking... all the things that I enjoy. 

On another note: My preteen son is driving me insane... I love him  more than words can express, but OMG he is getting in trouble at school and staying in trouble at home lately. I got home last night to find that he had thrown away two bowls, a fork, a glass, and a cup (that is reusable)..... he also throw away a reversible belt that I bought him to wear with his chorus outfit ( a necessity) and his dress clothes..... he handed me a note this morning that says he was acting up in class on Friday (deliberately disrupting class) UGGGGHHHHH..  The kid doesn't have his cell phone or ipod which he has been without now for 5 weeks, he has been grounded from tv and games stations, he has had to read extra time and write essays, he has had to write his teacher apology letters all these things and yet he is still misbehaving.  Then I hear "I want to live my daddy"... I have excepted that he doesn't like my rules and the structure Thomas and I give here..... and I have said "ok " to living with his dad now "I don't think its the right decision" but "ok".  He wants to pay football, and his behavior has already kept me from signing him up for baseball this year.... not sure what his deal is or if he will be able to be involved in anything until he straightens up.  Hopefully its just a phase... but I don't like it!!!!  

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