Monday, February 28, 2011


I was all about coming here and blogging my progress,  until.... well we will get to that later.

I went skating yesterday with the family at the public session.  Got there at 1pm, stood in line a while since everyone and their brother decided to have a birthday party and all were scheduled at 1pm and it took 20 minutes to get in the door.  Then, I proceeded to purchase some new laces to see if this would help me get my skates right.  I laced them bad boys up and to my total enjoyment had no issues!  I wasn't cutting my circulation off anywhere and they weren't too lose anywhere! GO ME!  So I proceeded to skate around the rink.  I did my personal best ever during a skate session and skated 100 laps.  That may not be alot of some but for me it was good.  I usually stop fifteen hundred times to fix something or rest a sore spot or something.  So I was proud of that session!

(Here are some photos from that session)
Destiny worked the clicker as she wasn't skating.....see 100 clicks! hehe
My new laces.
Thomas examining his new skates that he built
My baby girl :)
My baby boy :)

I then picked Christina up and headed to HSV for derby practice.  Got there early enough to get my gear on and skate around several times before practice began... I love having the time to do that warm up before the warm up, and the skates were right again! YAY! No discomfort, No sore muscles or bad spots... and I was feeling good.  Practice started with 180 turns which is fun, and hard at the same time... hard for me because if you use your hands then everyone has to do planks and my balance getting up in that position is not that good.... but I managed and felt like I was doing decent.  Then Bridgitte had us doing "suicides".... 20 times across the rink doing baseball slides/ crunches and then T-stops.  We took a breather and then did an obstacle course.  We took another break and then did 20 more "suicides" where we went across the ring doing all fours and leg lift, then plow stops, while my form may have not been perfect for any of those... I was doing it! The first practice that I was actually able to do everything, to some extend!  We did another exercise (it doesn't deserve a mention in this post because it SUCKED! lol it was a whole body work out and it wasn't fun! But, I am sure it was good for us).  We took a break, and went to watch the scrimmage.  All was well, I was feeling good.  Legs were doing good. No equipment issues or discomforts and this had to be my very first practice where all was well!!!  After our break we were going to begin taking/giving whips.  Fun right? I was thinking so, until the instant that my feet got tangled up with a teammate and I couldn't regain my balance and wound up..... straight on my ass again!  I swear I saw stars and tears appears in my eyes instantly.

As you may very well know, this is very disappointing to me.  It is now the day after.... I am sore as hell.  It hurts like day 1 from the broken bum getting in a sitting position, rising from that position, its miserable.  Its not the same spot!  Its a little higher up.  I broke the end of the tailbone 4.5 weeks ago, this spot is higher up toward my back but still my butt.  So I am hopeful maybe its not broke,  but there is a few positions I can get in and it literally takes my breath away with pain.  I have cried because I was hurt, made, frustrated, discouraged and now my feeling is more, "it is what it is". What can I do? So I went from the best day on skates to the worst.  The most embarrassing thing of it all is that I screamed out when I fell, I screamed and cried and made a big old scene, something I would rather have not done. UGHHH!! Oh well... "what's done is done". lol

On another note: I had an appt today that didn't go as well as I had hoped, and now I am sitting back at home and took the rest of the day off, because well I had to go in at 4 am and I didn't feel well.... then had to go to the meeting and still didn't feel well and now I sit in my chair (on my hip, not my ass) and still don't feel well.  One day at a time.... blah.

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