Sunday, February 20, 2011

I has

New skates! :)

I can not wait to try them out today.

Practice is outdoors today so I am breaking out some old cheapo skates that I haven't worn in a long time and using them for outdoors.... I may be selling my Rock GT50s that are only 1 month old because they are a good size too big for me and may very well be causing me issues with skating because of that.... but they are good comfortable skates that are fast so I like them alot.  Like is not the same word for my  new skates though... I am in love! I got Riedell Wickeds and I haven't skated with them yet but around the store where I bought them (Asphalt Beach in Nashville) and around the house, so haven't really got to use them at the rink... I will today though! I think this is a love at first site (feel) kinda of thing.  I will have to break them in, but they already feel so much better and I feel like the skates are part of my feet more than being these big gawky things that my feet were trying to stay in. 

This may help me with my issues I am having.... I sure hope!  I am looking forward to practice.  First, I am going to put the outdoor skates on so Thomas can adjust them for me, and try them out since I haven't been on them in FOREVER.... then, I am going to Skate Castle to try out my new wicked skates.  Then, its off to practice. :)

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  1. Steve at Asphalt is great, isn't he?

    Break in is a bitch, did you get the Easy Fits that Asphalt sells? They've saved me a ton of blisters and pain (except the one scrimmage I didn't wear them last week and my skates promptly cut into my ankles)