Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help a Derby Girl

This derby girls story is too close to home for me.... I have already donated, and hope you will too!

I was in a similar situation back 11 years ago when I was going to move to Florida.... and my ex slapped me with papers saying he was going to fight for custody and when I spoke with a lawyer it was going to cost me a ton, so I stayed here.  What gripes my butt about it all is that my kids father who fought me, didn't even pay child support or anything but had the right simply because he was a sperm donor to alter our life.  I still don't get child support (one pays me when he wants to whatever he wants to and the other doesn't pay me a dime and never has!) and the courts do nothing to help me (believe me we have been there 5 different occasions but they can stop me from moving one state over?  I Didn't have the means to fight or I would have. 

My life is great and awesome things have happened so I don't really have any regrets for not going, but it did turn my world upside down because I had already put in my notice at my job, spent money on an apartment and had a job lined up there... I had to take a job out of my field for less money to keep supporting my kids and it was a hard time.  But, luckily I had family and friends and we made it through.  I wish her much luck with her journey and hope she raises the money she needs to fight for her child!

Not only did I JUST WANT to donate to this cause, I also wanted to get the FUNK out of my skate bag! How awesome is her little invention... neato!

You know you do too!

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