Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happiness is

getting off at 1:30 pm and meeting the love of your life at Beauregard's for hot wings! :)

Wait I said I was going to eat better today! lol this is a rarity though!  I never get off early and we haven't had Beauregard's in at least a year! (Notice I said we hadn't had Beauregards not that we hadn't had hot wings lol that is something we do weekly!)

I am super excited about getting off to work early! My last few "early" days have ended up with me working a full 12 and often followed by skating somewhere.  So I will have my 8.5 hrs in here by 1:30 pm, get to have wings with my man, can goof off with him until later and still have time to practice skating and those darn crossovers! That is having my cake and eating it too! :) I love it.

We may be heading to Nashville this weekend to check out Asphalt Beach and see what all they have, I need to try on different skates as mine are too big I am afraid... but since I am a dummy I may be way wrong about that lol I may still be searching for excuses.  Anyway, we will see. It will give Thomas and myself a day trip regardless so why not go?

We may be signing up for a pool league on Thursday nights, I just signed up for a two week boot camp to get in shape lol it was on sale for 10 bucks and I couldn't resist... I have derby 3 nights a week and skating with the family 2, I am wondering how thin I can spread myself I guess!  But, if I stay busy like this... maybe I will get out of housework totally???? or will it just pile up around me and make me more insane than I am already?  Maybe we wont be home so it will never get messy? haha that's a joke.... wow when will I ever do laundry? lol   I guess I am just going to take one day at a time and enjoy the hell out of my life!  We use to do the pool league, line dancing, baseball and other things all thrown in together.  We like to camp, kayak, cycle and manage to do those things... I am sure we can fit in derby, exercise and pool league in too! :)  

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