Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Friday

It has been a super long week.  Could be because I am in super slow motion. 

I do see the light at the end  though, I had about a 2 hour span yesterday where I sat and got back up without that stabbing pain... I had 800 mg ibuprofen and was sitting on a donut, lol but I did get up and down about 12 times in that two hours without once little bit of pain.  So that tells me it may be healing! It may even heal quick if I keep sitting on the donut as much as I HATE it and if I keep taking Ibuprofen for inflammation. 

I have printed out the rules and hand signals for derby, and will be studying, doing what exercises I can manage, and patiently waiting getting back out there with the girls. 

On other news:  Beware of teens.  I love my children but can not believe the drastic change in them.  My sweet daughter, who is always trustworthy and dependable and well just awesome, decided she would stay up texting wayyyyyyyy past her bedtime and has been doing it for wayyyyyyyy long, and she has also been texting during school, which is a big no no.  So she doesn't have her phone right now as a result, why is it that this bothers me?  I am such a push over sometimes it bothers me because she cried.  I really need to be more of a tough love giver than just a mushy "oh baby I am sorry" type person.   She did it to herself! She knew the rules and she broke them!  My son has been in trouble for weeks.  Bad attitude one minute and sweet a pie the next... its Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde every day!  He mouthed off to Thomas and didn't stop so he got grounded from going to his dads this weekend and I took his IPOD away from him (His response is, "you can't take it you didn't buy it", no his dad bought it and I despise the thing.... but yes I can take anything that is my home away as I am in control.  He proceeded with "Your a thief", what the world has happened to my kiddos?).  I wonder if it is because I have been gone more recently (with boot camp and practice), but that isn't the case they could honestly at their age care less if I am gone because when I am home they rather be in the bedroom most of the time.  They had attitudes before the whole skating bit, I think its just the timing in everything from their hormones, my ass, their school work, my work, their punishment, my chores we are all just freaking off our rocker!  It is going to get better, I do need to quit feeling sorry for them as I beat myself up for punishing them, and its always always always been a big problem of mine.  I guess most mothers are this way because you want to give your children everything and you want them to be happy and you never want to cause them pain..... and knowing you could give them back the phone and that would make them happy, is a battle that I put myself through.  I think they know this so they play on it harder for that reason.  I am handling things a little more tough love this year (I know its only February lol).  I don't feel as guilty as I have in the past because I am seeing them more blatantly disobeying my rules and purposely finding themselves in trouble.  My kids are great though! I hate to sound like they are EVIL lol.  My daughter is an honor student in the PRE-DB program for the IB program and makes grades like 100's as averages in Calculus and Trig, Science, and can basically speak Spanish fluently. She has a voice of an angel and loves to sing.  She has true talent in her music.  My son is an honor student he doesn't put forth as much effort with his grades as his sister but he manages A's and B's in every subject, he isn't as focused on education, but he is very intelligent.  He is athletic as in he has the awesome build for sports and loves them, but he doesn't seem to really work at any one sport, this year he says he is going to play football which is a new one for him so maybe he does better with it.  He is handsome, sweet (when he isn't being mean lol) and I just love him so much!!!!  So even though I am all like about to pull my damn hair out over them, I do know how amazingly blessed I am to have such awesome children.   I guess if I practice being stricter on things like chores, phones, attitudes and such with them they will quit seeing me as a push over and realize if they want to have things or do things they have to earn them.  ACK! Parenting sucks for the most part, but the unconditional love you have for the bratz is enough to make it worthwhile I suppose lol.  I am appreciative of Thomas' roll with the kids the last week.  He has stepped up to keep Desmond from being so dis respective to me and he actually was the one who heard Destiny texting way late and asked me  about it and looked into the phone bill and such, he is an awesome dad.  We have totally different views and parenting styles but I will say he does know more than I give him credit for when it comes to the kids.  I sure hope together we can get a handle on some things with them.

Wow, long boring post this morning... I got up at 4 am, had clinic in Madison already seen two patients, made it back to the office, had breakfast and now sit and wait until 8:30 when I have to open the store... figured I would post to the blog, as time is a valuable thing and I actually had about an hour to do absolutely nothing! :)

I look forward to practice tonight, even though I wont be sporting my skates (YET!).  I think tonight, I will start by doing some exercises while I am there not doing anything, then some stretches, then see if anyone needs help with anything (as I have a few things to discuss about my jobs with ppl), and spend the rest of practice reading the rules.  I do want to listen and watch the fresh meat do their work out as to learn what I need to be doing so as maybe I wont start that far behind them when the bottom heals.  I like getting a break from my responsibilities, getting to let loose and hang with some pretty awesome gals, getting to work out and relieve stress and having some ME time! :) Derby so rocks! 

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