Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well the doctor did some xrays, and poked on my poor sore ass... to come to the conclusion that I have indeed broken it.  I broke the tip off of it and it is curved under slightly.  Not so bad to require surgery (thankfully) but enough to cause me pain.  She suggested no skating until the tail heals, and honestly with the pain not improving it may be wise to just stay off the skates and let this thing heal.  I am unsteady as I have to improve my balance and need stronger leg muscles anyway, so I am at risk (just being a beginner skater) at falling again.  The Derby girls have trained me to fall forward, I know how to do this now, and I know derby stance will help me from falling backwards..... I just need stronger muscles to be able to stay in that stance for long periods.  (The sad thing is I fell while standing still, lol, just lost my balance and flat on my ass I went). 

My goals as of now.  Let time heal my ass.  Until then I do plan on paying my dues for practicing with the derby girls, and showing up to practice as I am dedicated to meeting the goals I have had set for myself.  I will help them with anything they would like me to do and wait on my tail to heal.  I will try to get in better shape along the way, work on balance exercises and trying to build up my muscles for skating better and as soon as I am able I will hit the floor again. When the tail heals I will skate with Thomas and the kiddos on Tues, Thurs and Sun then the Derby girls on Wed. Fri. and Sun.  so that gives me 5 days a week to work toward being better than I was before this set back.

I want to be a derby girl, I want to be a bad ass.... Hell I want to be a "good" skater....and I am not giving up on those goals just because of a stupid injury.  I have battled this one honestly, I was like "Maybe derby isn't for me?", "Maybe I should just call it quits?"... but then thought no... this stupid mistake could have happened doing anything, and the pain is not horrible... just enough to keep me from doing exactly what I want to do which makes me angry!  I think I am cut out for derby, and I can reach the goals I have set for myself. It will take me longer than I had intended now, but everyone has set backs sometimes, its how we handle them that matters the most. 

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  1. You ARE cut out for derby! You clearly have that drive.

    If you're at practice tonight, make sure to talk to me, and we'll figure out some exercises you can do while waiting to get back on skates that won't make you more injured.