Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Balls to the wall!

Ok I am fracking tired of being a puss.  I have whined and I have moaned about either my  broken tail bone or my freaking little muscle pain in my leg long enough.  3 weeks in and still just a big fat wimp. 

Tomorrow no excuses!  I am getting out and hitting the rink.  If I fall I FALL!  If I land on my ass, then I land on my ass!  The fear that I have created in me has to vanish!  My goal is to skate at minimum 100 laps in the session tomorrow and do CROSSOVERS so that lil whiny ass leg muscle will chill the frack out!  

I did enjoy tonights practice be it off the skates, but I did enjoy it.  NSO's are pretty awesome and their job is not easy!  Learning something new is always exciting! :) Nice to know if I do hurt myself I could still be involved in derby... but for now I want to be the ones out there skating!!!!  I want to learn how to skate, and ummm I  am not going to do that without the damn skates on my feet!

I was miserable while on the skates tonight, I didn't skate any laps really... not so sure where this crap is coming from.  Other than my horrible form, my sticky right foot that HATES to leave the floor (probably from the torn ligaments in my left foot my right foot doesn't trust the left to hold my fat ass up! but it is strong and it can do it..... damnit!) 

Ok, I have whined enough. They make tylenol, advil, ice, heat for all my issues lol. 

4 am comes awful early so I am going to bed now, night night!


  1. Derby is a LOT mental, so its understandable that you have reservations. You just simply can't think about it, or you will drive yourself bananas. We all have done it... I still have lingering knee-pain phobia, but I just have to understand that the WORST that will happen is I get hurt and Sports Med will fix me back up.

    You can do it!

  2. Thanks for the encouragment! :) I will get there! I just feel like my baby steps are not amounting to anything.... but its better than where I started (sitting on the couch lol). I will get there! I want to scrimmage!