Thursday, February 10, 2011

At it again

I skated in the skate a thon and didn't even count laps... If I had my guess I would say I did maybe 40-50 with stops every 5-10 laps... how pathetic is that!  My endurance sucks, but no its not THAT bad! I promise!  The ass hurts but no its not THAT bad!  I could stand to lose 50 lbs but no its not THAT bad! The reason I sucketh simply skating.... get this... a tiny little thing called a peroneus brevis muscle.  I have been reading on this, and talked to the "skate dude" (the guy that is always super nice to me at Skate Castle, who knows alot about speed skating and well skating in general), to ask what the heck I may be doing?  The muscle tightens and hurts so much out of the blue and its on my stronger leg and when it gets tight I can barely get it to release no matter if I stretch it or not.  He watched me skate and said its the "sticky" skate I do and how I skate the majority of the time with my right leg, that muscle is fatigued more than likely because of how I skate.  1. I can learn how to skate correctly to even out the muscles I use and actually lift my right leg off the floor (haha that sounds too easy right?) 2. I can do calf raises by placing toes on a step or up higher and lowering and lifting my heels to stretch out those muscles 3.  Don't sit down when it hurts, stretch and keep going it will get better.

Early today I got one of those clicker thingies to help me count laps, I thought it might encourage me to know how many I did this time vs next time and help me push for a better goal so maybe I will sit less... ya know sometimes that helps.

Well I tried the don't sit down that the "skate dude" suggested and skated 75 laps tonight! I will give Gina credit too, she told me on Tuesday, don't sit down just keep skating (but again that is so hard to do when you are hurting, and its your only strong skate leg that is hurting and your ass broke and you don't wanna fall on it)  I will say that I had to push to finish that many laps... It wasn't that many (I know!) but I had to work for it, so therefor I will be proud of it, simply because I am the only one who actually knows how I felt and how hard I had to push to complete those laps.  I know people see me sitting (often) and probably think I may not be cut out for this sport.  I really was athletic at one time, I kayak, I cycle, I can push myself and I can do things.  But I am basically starting from scratch with this sport, never skating and all....I am out of shape and over weight which all snuck up on me and have pretty much been a couch potato for a few years.  So I have decided, I will forget about what others may think.. (lol again easier said than done) and focus on the fact that I have a goal that I CAN REACH, and work at it.

On another note: I got home from skating, feeling rough, ass is stiff (that sounds weird) but ya know kinda moving a bit slower than before I actually went skating, tired from going so much over the last two weeks.. (wow has it only been 2 weeks since I broke my ass, for some reason it feels like its been a month already!), I got home to find messages that the scrimmage has been canceled for tomorrow, the scrimmage that I was afraid would keep me from skating (but I was looking forward!), which was the reason Christina and I had discussed skating tonight to get some practice... that scrimmage was canceled. Tomorrow night I get to have a non-skate work out! That sound exciting right now as I sit in my chair...I might be able to do this if they keep it off the floor, really get a good work out and not sit out and such. Oh wait! They said to bring a mat... that sounds like there will be floor exercises, all I can say is my poor poor ass.  I will do what I can do.

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