Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekends recap

The snow is melting here in North Alabama.  Things seem to be getting back to normal (define normal?).

I have now skated 6 days total.  I can skate around the rink, do a 180 and play such games as wipe out (even though I do not wipe out like everyone else). 

I would still like to be able to do a crossover in the turn and a 180 going the opposite direction before the big day... yeah that day where I go infront of a bunch of bad ass, talented woman and flaunt the fact that I am such a poor skater.

I am enjoying going, we played Crazy Trio today, Desmond played with Thomas and myself.... Desmond is about as experienced at skating as I am (but he can at least do a damn crossover, I feel like such a failure sometimes)..... that game was fun, until I landed on my ass, I mean flat/hard/on my butt bone!  It still hurts several hours later as I sit here relaxing in my chair... I feel my ass bone! I will survive and I wont whine too much as I am trying to be a Derby girl and lol that means I have to be tough!

I got a new workout thing... to go along with the fifty million other things I have lol I now have a mini trampoline to go in the living room floor and a dvd with 2 work outs on it, I will say that will kick my ass! I did it after skating and doing a 20 minute zumba work out... soooooooooooo I was exhausted before starting it, but I did one of the trampoline workouts and realized then that this will burn some calories because in 15 min I jumped over 700 jumps and burned 105 calories... in 15 minutes!!!!!  My heart was about to beat out of my chest lol a workout it rarely gets.  So I will be looking forward to ALL my exercises, while I am trying to get in shape for Derby.

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