Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

What the heck has happened.  Not only did we get a white Christmas this year....first one I ever remember.  But I am looking outside at 8 inches of snow here in North Alabama?  It is so odd!  I was off work yesterday and again today.... Probably will not get paid for this time off either so I am not sure how happy I am about it, right now it feels good but come pay day I may be crying... literally!

The snow is amazing, its soft and fluffy... not what we normally get.  We usually get soggy slushy snow mixed with rain or sleet or something, never this soft fluffliness.  It is amazing! I love that we got out and played in it....

We have had fun, and I do love this white stuff......so I will continue to enjoy it and worry about the consequences of it all later I reckon, no need in worrying about it now... look at those smiling faces of my children and many others who are seeing the most snow they have ever seen in their life! :)

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