Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Championship

Well Alabama's Reign as National Championship ended last night.  But, I feel they have another one coming in the future!  They played their bowl game like the champs we know them to be.   As you may know Auburn Tigers won the championship this year.  I was an Auburn fan for most of my life actually, that is hard for me to admit for some reason, but I am a trader.  I had never actually seen Auburn play when Thomas took me to see Bama play one game, the atmosphere, the spirit in the air, learning the game of football better and everything just made me convert over to Bama.  NOW I AM A HUGE BAMA FAN!  Have been since before the championship and before Saban even.... so its been great to root them through this journey.

How do I feel about Auburn's win and championship last night? Torn.  I have been saying they are from Alabama and I want them to win.  I know people who are Auburn fans, and I still want to root for Auburn as long as they are not playing BAMA.  But, I guess I have become Crimson through and through and it is too hard to root for them now.   I have been seeing such nastiness from Auburn fans, and sadly the hatred spilling over to BAMA and they aren't even playing in the chamipionship against them, so that is odd to me.   I know Auburn said some nasty things about Bama last year, and I remember saying nothing to them and simply rooting my team on, thinking they are just jealous its not them at the championship game.  Why can't Auburn fans have the same thought process.  Maybe Bama really wanted to be there this year, maybe that is why they say things like Go Ducks lol.  Maybe there is a rivalry against BAMA and Auburn that has been on going for so many years that nothing can make them root for each other no matter what!   I started the game off rooting for Auburn in my head, but for some reason I kept yelling for the Ducks.  I realized why, watching Auburn play and some of the crap they were pulling like kneeing players in the head, leading with the helmet, and watching them get buy with some pretty crappy things I realized what it was.  Auburn has poor sportmanship.  I am watching all sorts of moves that do not show class.  Then when the game is over, I see tons of posts from ppl on facebook saying nasty things to BAMA who again was not even in this game.  So in all fairness no matter what an Alabama fan does or says doesn't effect that the fact that you beat us, you are in the championship and you just won the game.  Be happy for your team, celebrate as I would have for Bama but leave my team the "duck" out of it.   I would root for you Auburn and be happy about your win, had I seen something worth rooting for.  If MY team played like that, I would be disappointed in them, win or no win.

Now, at the end of the game when they are doing the interviews.  Not one single time did Auburn acknowledge Oregon.  NOT ONE SINGLE TIME! I was watching for it.  Saban started his remarks by saying what a great team we played against and such last year.  You know the Ducks made it to that championship and they gave you a run for  your money... they deserved a simple comment of "it was a good game, the Oregan ducks played a great ball, or it was wonderful to play against some of the greatest players of this season" you know anything, something to acknowledge the other team.  I heard a lot of cockiness.  I know you just won and you rock for that win because it takes a lot for a team to make it that far and be as successful as Auburn has been this year! I am proud for the tigers it has been what 50 years since they had done this?  But, the Ducks worked hard and played hard and as in all the previous winners and the fact that its a nice gesture and usually a tradition, you should say "good game" to the opposing team.  So now I have lost all or any respect I might have had for Chizick.... he is no better than that dumbass coach of Texas because he is just as cocky and lacks the class that I like to see in a coach.  SABAN rocks!  lol I say this because he is classy, and I love my bama boys!  See ya next season..... ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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