Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In store for 2011

I have a new found enjoyment in life.... are you sitting down?  Roller Skating. 

Yes, I said roller skating.  It is totally odd that I am 34 years young and never have mastered the art of roller skating.  Why the sudden interest?  I got a simply little email from an organization of bad ass women for the "Dixie Derby Boot camp".  I signed up for their newsletters back when I saw them in a bout last season.  I forgot about them until that simply little email.  I read the email, read it again, and even closed it only to go back to it a few days letter.  There is a draw, some sort of pull over me to keep reading the email. That pull had me get out the skates Thomas bought me last year after seeing them and saying "OH I would love to do that and be a part of it".  He bought them thinking we would skate for an exercise, maybe even outdoors around the neighborhood.  I put skates on made it a block, maybe two... no who am I fooling only a block, then turned around to come back to the house.  My legs hurt, my ankle hurt, I couldn't move on, and it was not getting better only incredible worse.  Before I even made it back to the house I sat on the side of the street, pulled the skates off while wiping tears from my eyes as those stupid skates on that stupid road were "JUST STUPID".  They broke me!

I never put the skates on again.  Wore them one time!  But for some reason after reading that simply little email felt the overwhelming urge to put them back on and head out to our locale skating rink.  So we went on Family day (Sunday).  I still sucked, I mean it was a joke watching me, strangers were getting their amusement enough to last at least a week at my expense. I loaded up with pads (elbow, wrist, and knee) laced up the skates and hit the floor... LITERALLY slap on my ass/back, feet were firmly planted in the air!  Thomas immediately skated (with wonderful grace and form) by my side while I am totally humiliated! But I get up, shake it, off, say "I'm fine" and move on.  (Note: The pads do no good if you fall backwards)

I proceeded to skate around the floor doing much better than on the road my previous attempt, but there is something weird, down right odd about my skating ability.  1) I don't hold my back straight, I am terribly hunched over trying to fall forward I guess? 2) I only lift one foot off the floor EVER.  I do what they call a "sticky" skate with my Right foot, it never leaves the floor and I push myself off repeatedly with my left foot.  Odd thing here is the left foot is weaker (due to a previous injury) and I am right handed and why can't I lift that foot off the floor damn it!!! 3) As much as I tell myself to relax... it just ain't happening.

See I told you... I am very amusing out there on the floor.  Picture the above description loaded up with full pads. lol  ACK!

Well I skated and stopped and skated and rested and skated and stopped (I stopped well more than I skated so something about my recollection is off!).  Then the skate day was over.

Still determined for some reason I read online on how to teach yourself to skate or how to be a confident skater (unfortunately there was nothing too promising other than folks telling you to practice, practice and practice some more).  So I am doing just that!

Last night was date night.  Thomas took me to Fulin's which is my favorite (or one of them lol I have so many!) and I had a Tiger Roll and it was soooooooooooo incredibly yummy!  Then we headed to the skating rink which was the activity I chose for our date night (He is such a good sport and supports me in EVERYTHING I do or attempt to do).  We get there and get all laced up and head back to the floor. Immediately I have "slightly" more confidence then I did on Sunday. Not sure where that came from (maybe the articles I read?), but I felt like I could do it.  Again I am wobbly, my legs, hips, back are all for uncomfortable for every attempt I take at movement.  I am lifting my Right foot up some in the attempts to get a rhythm with it (but that has yet to happen).  But, the foot has came off the damn floor! That my friend is IMPROVEMENT!  I was feeling pretty good and pretty worn out.  Thomas had talked about me needing different wheels and that thought stayed with me... "I will skate better with new wheels".   So we go to the skate shop at our local rink.  We look at the wheels and the skates and Thomas decides he is just going to buy us both a new pair of skates.  Nicer/better skates than what we bought last year as those were from Academy sports and more for outdoor skating than rink skating.  Ok so I try on the skates, change sizes from what I had to a different size (apparently they all know more than me in this because I thought there was nothing wrong with the one size lol).  The new skates I am sporting  Rock GT-50 size 7 with green wheels!!!!  Once the skates were purchased I headed back to the rink... an instant improvement! I am really rolling now.  My 0.5 mph I was rolling has increased to at least 1 mph lol I skate super slow, but no walls are used.  (That along qualifies me to attempt the Dixie Derby Boot camp, just so you know).  I feel more confident... This time I was actually on the floor without the pads. I skated around and around.  I still had to stop for breaks due to back discomfort... I wont call it pain, because it doesn't necessarily hurt. It starts feeling week and then I stiffen up more than usual and feel like I may fall so I sit, rest the back and then go back after a brief rest.  This makes the discomfort subside momentarily before it comes back.  Thomas and I both are convinced it is my form (you know the hunch back) that is nagging the back.  So goal for Thursday... work on form.  I have focused on trying to lift the feet or that one foot, but Thursday I will work on standing up straight with my knees slightly bent... then if I can master that enough to begin working on the lifting of the foot again.. I will do just that!  Yes. I did say Thursday.  That will be my 3rd time skating in one week.  If I keep this up I will be a pro in no time! LMFAO!

I spoke with my dad this morning about my secret dream of now becoming a dixie derby girl, and he was all "That is awesome", "great form of exercise there", "Now, you make me want to go skating", "when are you going again?"  "Oh you will go again this weekend on Sunday? I am coming after church" (My dad lives 1hr and 45 min away from me and he is driving up to come skating with me on Sunday... HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT! My support group is beyond strong... they are absolutely out of this world!

I skate on Thursday and already have plans for Sunday.  I love my new skates, I just have to get comfortable in them and on the rink. 

I am still debating with myself about doing the Boot camp at this point.  I would like to be a slightly better skater before going around woman I do not know and attempting to things that they are very talented in...I am sure they could teach me a thing or two though so I am still open to going.... I am nervous! lol But Excited all at the same time.... you know what that means?  I am alive! I am living! I am enjoying my life! :-) Yayyyy for skating!   Not to mention the calories I have burned since Sunday!!! woohoo!

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