Monday, January 10, 2011

Florida Trip December 2010

Thomas and I went with my very dearest friend Heather and her awesome man Darin to Florida.  The trip began on 12/5/2010 and ended on 12/11/2010.  We stayed at Wyndham Palm Aire in Pompano Beach Florida.  We went to a casino (which was Thomas' first time... Hard Rock Casino), went on an air boat ride to see wild alligators, Loved the Miami Zoo.  We went to South Beach Miami, Coral Castle, and to Key Largo to visit with some totally awesome folks, Brad and Lillie.  We then headed on down to Key West where we had a blast and Thomas asked me to marry him (post to come about that soon).  We enjoyed a day at the beach in Fort Lauderdale before returning home.   I had the absolute time of my life.  It was the fullest most fun trip I had ever been on.  I love Heather and Darin and hate that it was only a week I got to spend with them and that we didn't even get to spend much time together in the week because we were soooo busy... but they had fun, we had fun and I love them very very much!  I look forward to more vacations with them in the future.   I summed the trip up here because as you can see the post is past due!  I will include a link to all my photos from the trip for each day we were there below.  Check em out if you want to.
Day 1 - Sunday
Day 2 - Monday
Day 3 - Tuesday Part 1  and Part 2
Day 4 - Wednesday
Day 5 - Thursday
Day 6 - Friday
Day 7 - Saturday

I had the time of my life seriously, but already so much has happened since then.  I hate that I didn't post about it right when I got home, but with Christmas shortly after our return there was just not enough time.  The trip was amazing!!!!!!

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