Friday, January 28, 2011

Dixie Derby Boot Camp Day 2

I was pretty disappointed in my abilities and actually pissed at myself.   I will say that however pathetic I was there was always someone coming along to encourage me.  I hated to draw attention to myself because there are so many awesome skaters and I am this silly gal who decided she wanted to learn to skate merely 4 weeks ago, I am a nobody out there on that rink.  I skate slow, clumsily and well my previous word "pathetic" fits the part.  It is awesome to watch these talented woman skate, they do the falls, the stops, the time trials and everything so much better, and you know what? They are taking the time to teach me! These awesome ladies are offering me advise, giving me pointers, checking on me, encouraging me, pushing me and mostly they are helping me!

I skated 12 laps tonight in a 5 min time trial... which is pretty bad, but guess its better than not doing it at all so I will give myself that because I sat out on all floor activities to prevent the jarring on my tailbone.  I didn't do crossovers in the turns which I totally need to learn and thought I had done better with this grrrrr!  I had encouragement during that trial or it probably would have been even less (ha, now the truth comes out).  Chocolate skated along side me (even though she had already kicked ass on her own time trial!!) she kept encouraging me to push for more, and her there me helped so much.  I only call out some names because I am still learning names I don't know who everyone is yet but there are a lot of people helping me and I LOVE THIS BOOT CAMP!  I will stick around as long as they will let me.

The tailbone still sucks right now... the butt pads helped tremendously tonight though.  They may become a permanent part of my wardrobe as sitting in the car and everywhere was much more pleasant with those things on.  Its just a minor injury I know, and I am already getting over the ache it put in my pride as I so want to be a bad ass, and this has dropped me down to a wimp ass lol.  But even though I was wimpy tonight.. you know what?  I know deep down that I can do this! Probably next year before I would be bout eligible but some day, some time I will be a bad ass (preferably without a "bad" ass, haha)!

I am going tomorrow to try on some knee pads at a skate shop.  The 20 dollar ones I got at Academy sports are just not large enough for my calf muscles (I call them muscles because they were at one time nothing but muscle, now they are like a mushy mess, just give 'em time they will toughen back up again and I will still need LARGE(ER) knee pads!   The pads are cutting the circulation off to my lower legs, I can't loosen them or they will not velcro.  Plus I heard loud and clear the first investment should be good knee pads! 

I don't expect a miracle healing over my tailbone (but anyone who feels the urge may pray for my poor ass), and I may not be awesome come Sunday (that would be totally unrealistic, ha).  But, I am going to look forward to it as being a better day than today!


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