Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dixie Derby Boot Camp Day 1

WOW! is the best way to sum up the workout.  My muscles burn, I broke a sweat and did some awesome stretches.  It was great. I learned stops, and falls.  I have much much work to do to get ready to be a derby girl. I need to learn how to do a plow stop, a baseball slide, and to skate backwards just to name a few things that I totally suck at!  I was able to do other things such as an all 4 fall, a rockstar fall, a T stop and a turn/backwards stop.  My speed leaves much to be desired by anyone as I am pretty sure a turtle could out skate me.  But, I am out there and I am trying and I am loving it!  I worked with Erica Slapton and she is a real "hard ass". lol  She pushed me to keep trying and was an excellent teacher.

There is a problem, a serious concern of mine.  I had two falls last night on the first day of derby, both straight on my ass.  I was noticing right after practice that it was very hard to sit in the car, especially hard to get out of the car.  I went to End Zone and had a few beers with some of the girls (which I totally enjoyed), but just sitting on the chair there I had to do very gentle.    I proceeded home for the night and when I got the house I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it out of the car, but 5 minutes later I did.  I sat on ice and hoped for a better ass by morning.  I knew in the middle of the night that would not be the case.  I could barely get out of bed this morning.  I did though.  I loaded up on ibuprofen and worked my normal work day.  I walk fine, but sitting and standing pretty much suck!  I wanted to back out of going skating tonight (family night, and I was needing to practice) but, I decided I really needed to go so I went. I put the skates on, all my gear on and hit the rink.  I was shaky and unsettled the whole time due to fear of falling on my ass again. I can skate with the injury but I can't fall, I can't get back up from the fall.  (Can't never could do anything, I know, I want to push through and keep at it too!).  I have broken my tailbone before and it feels like that right now. I took no risks, and skated only about 12 laps around the rink total, then took the skates off and watched the family skate.  I feel like such a damn loser, worked so hard to get here to hurt myself on the very first night. I am not giving up, I will be at practice tomorrow.  I will talk with the derby girls and ask them what they think I should do, skate through or let it heal and get back at it? I just don't know what is best for the quickest recovery.  I am absolutely sick that I am hurt this bad after only the first night. The sore muscles feel good, I had such a good work out and love learning new things with this sport and really want to do this.  I know I can do it and I feel I could be good at it and would love to release some tension out on that rink.  My ass may just be badly bruise and I can optimistic that it won't even bother me tomorrow..... I am just concerned right now because I am sitting on my hip in my chair as to not let my tailbone touch the seat.  It takes me 5 minutes and sure will power to pull myself up out of this position I sit in because that tail bone is so unbelievably tender.  I feel like a wimp, but I know how tough I am and how tough I can be.  This little tail bone is not going to get the best of me!


  1. Yeesh - that sounds bad. Don't give up, but don't push it if you need time to heal. Come back tonight and do what you can! And find me - I'll talk to you about padded shorts. They have hip and tailbone padding for exactly what you need them for, learning how to fall and not getting too hurt until you've learned all the skills. (Although that's a bit late for this particular injury.) And keep icing throughout the day today.

  2. Thanks for the advise! I will be sporting butt pads tonight, and look forward to seeing you there! :)