Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit hairy

My hair has got long.  lol by long I mean that the front/sides of my hair are to my shoulders the back is still much shorter... I have what they call and a reverse stack hair style.  I liked the cut when I first got it because my hair is super thin and fine and it made it appear fuller.  I miss long hair however. I miss the pony tail, the pull back or anything remotely lazy that I could do with it before.  That being said, I hate growing this cut out.  Its horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have tried three attempts at it and everytime I go get the same cut again because it gets on my nerves so bad!  I just made an appt for today to get it done again.  I can't take it!  I may even get them to put some color in it to make it different.  So... maybe sometime later in the future I will grow it out.... lol its not easy.  And, who is to say that once I grow it out and recall how thin and stringy it was I wont just get the cut again anyway!  Soooo farewell pony tail.. you are missed!

UPDATE ON SKATING:  I suck still.  I went Thursday with Destiny.  I felt like I skated slightly stronger but couldnt go for long before having to rest.  I did alot this week as far as skating and exercise and as out of shape as I am I think Three times in one week just wore me out!  I still can't lift both feet up comfortably but have realized that the reason I can't is balance.  My balance is horrible, they say after a long healing foot/ankle injury that it can effect your balance... and I definetly have had that (its still not 100%).   I go again on Sunday... I am doing balance exercises now to try to improve.  Prayers for the ability to skate are greatly appreciated :)

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