Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not a huge sci-fi fan, and don't really dabble too much with the thought of aliens and if they really exist or not.  Lately though I am leaning toward the fact that they do exist, and even that they may have taken my children!

I remember a time that they were all loving, out to please their hard working mother, and maybe at times would strive to achieve something.  Since the abduction, the aliens returned children who lack the will to reach for goals or even think about them really, they only want me around to put music on their ipod/phone/ or anything that plays music, to feed them, and to give them money when they hold out their hand.   I try to oblige them and give as much as I can when I can, until eventually I am all give out.

I come home to a messy house and they basically get all that they have for doing nothing but being my child... a back talking, chore lacking, lazy child.

Something has got to give!  I get asked, for 85 dollars to go to chorus trip, then 100 bucks for football, then the cell phone bill (I am ashamed to list the amount of this bill!).... all that I give.  What do I get?  Laundry left in the damn washing machine after I have begged and pleaded "please don't start a load of laundry unless you intend on getting it out before you go to bed".  

It has to be something the aliens planted in them that makes them act so odd, so different, so not like my children, you know the ones that I raised to be respectful and do as they are told. Who are these people?  I miss my babies! Come back to me please!

I am calling out to the Aliens, either you abduct me and make me not give a damn like them, or your little peeps are in for some harsh punishment, torture even!

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