Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to World Conspiracy in Huntsville to get some new pads.  I wanted the drop in pads for my knees but they didn't have my size in stock.  Looks like because of the size of my calf muscles I will need XL just to get them to buckle without having my circulation cut off.  I wound up with pro-tech street pads for the knees for now, but in two weeks can get the XL drop in style pads.  I got pro-tech drop in elbow pads and the standard pro-tech wrist guards.  So now with better padding I am ready to hit the floor!

The reason for butt pads

This is 3 days after.  Until I learn how to skate properly, and feel more confident on the skates the butt pads will be my first gear to put on from this moment on lol.  Anyway, my first day at boot camp and I got this to show for it.... it literally kicked my ass. haha

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not a huge sci-fi fan, and don't really dabble too much with the thought of aliens and if they really exist or not.  Lately though I am leaning toward the fact that they do exist, and even that they may have taken my children!

I remember a time that they were all loving, out to please their hard working mother, and maybe at times would strive to achieve something.  Since the abduction, the aliens returned children who lack the will to reach for goals or even think about them really, they only want me around to put music on their ipod/phone/ or anything that plays music, to feed them, and to give them money when they hold out their hand.   I try to oblige them and give as much as I can when I can, until eventually I am all give out.

I come home to a messy house and they basically get all that they have for doing nothing but being my child... a back talking, chore lacking, lazy child.

Something has got to give!  I get asked, for 85 dollars to go to chorus trip, then 100 bucks for football, then the cell phone bill (I am ashamed to list the amount of this bill!).... all that I give.  What do I get?  Laundry left in the damn washing machine after I have begged and pleaded "please don't start a load of laundry unless you intend on getting it out before you go to bed".  

It has to be something the aliens planted in them that makes them act so odd, so different, so not like my children, you know the ones that I raised to be respectful and do as they are told. Who are these people?  I miss my babies! Come back to me please!

I am calling out to the Aliens, either you abduct me and make me not give a damn like them, or your little peeps are in for some harsh punishment, torture even!

Dixie Derby Boot Camp Day 2

I was pretty disappointed in my abilities and actually pissed at myself.   I will say that however pathetic I was there was always someone coming along to encourage me.  I hated to draw attention to myself because there are so many awesome skaters and I am this silly gal who decided she wanted to learn to skate merely 4 weeks ago, I am a nobody out there on that rink.  I skate slow, clumsily and well my previous word "pathetic" fits the part.  It is awesome to watch these talented woman skate, they do the falls, the stops, the time trials and everything so much better, and you know what? They are taking the time to teach me! These awesome ladies are offering me advise, giving me pointers, checking on me, encouraging me, pushing me and mostly they are helping me!

I skated 12 laps tonight in a 5 min time trial... which is pretty bad, but guess its better than not doing it at all so I will give myself that because I sat out on all floor activities to prevent the jarring on my tailbone.  I didn't do crossovers in the turns which I totally need to learn and thought I had done better with this grrrrr!  I had encouragement during that trial or it probably would have been even less (ha, now the truth comes out).  Chocolate skated along side me (even though she had already kicked ass on her own time trial!!) she kept encouraging me to push for more, and her there me helped so much.  I only call out some names because I am still learning names I don't know who everyone is yet but there are a lot of people helping me and I LOVE THIS BOOT CAMP!  I will stick around as long as they will let me.

The tailbone still sucks right now... the butt pads helped tremendously tonight though.  They may become a permanent part of my wardrobe as sitting in the car and everywhere was much more pleasant with those things on.  Its just a minor injury I know, and I am already getting over the ache it put in my pride as I so want to be a bad ass, and this has dropped me down to a wimp ass lol.  But even though I was wimpy tonight.. you know what?  I know deep down that I can do this! Probably next year before I would be bout eligible but some day, some time I will be a bad ass (preferably without a "bad" ass, haha)!

I am going tomorrow to try on some knee pads at a skate shop.  The 20 dollar ones I got at Academy sports are just not large enough for my calf muscles (I call them muscles because they were at one time nothing but muscle, now they are like a mushy mess, just give 'em time they will toughen back up again and I will still need LARGE(ER) knee pads!   The pads are cutting the circulation off to my lower legs, I can't loosen them or they will not velcro.  Plus I heard loud and clear the first investment should be good knee pads! 

I don't expect a miracle healing over my tailbone (but anyone who feels the urge may pray for my poor ass), and I may not be awesome come Sunday (that would be totally unrealistic, ha).  But, I am going to look forward to it as being a better day than today!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dixie Derby Boot Camp Day 1

WOW! is the best way to sum up the workout.  My muscles burn, I broke a sweat and did some awesome stretches.  It was great. I learned stops, and falls.  I have much much work to do to get ready to be a derby girl. I need to learn how to do a plow stop, a baseball slide, and to skate backwards just to name a few things that I totally suck at!  I was able to do other things such as an all 4 fall, a rockstar fall, a T stop and a turn/backwards stop.  My speed leaves much to be desired by anyone as I am pretty sure a turtle could out skate me.  But, I am out there and I am trying and I am loving it!  I worked with Erica Slapton and she is a real "hard ass". lol  She pushed me to keep trying and was an excellent teacher.

There is a problem, a serious concern of mine.  I had two falls last night on the first day of derby, both straight on my ass.  I was noticing right after practice that it was very hard to sit in the car, especially hard to get out of the car.  I went to End Zone and had a few beers with some of the girls (which I totally enjoyed), but just sitting on the chair there I had to do very gentle.    I proceeded home for the night and when I got the house I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it out of the car, but 5 minutes later I did.  I sat on ice and hoped for a better ass by morning.  I knew in the middle of the night that would not be the case.  I could barely get out of bed this morning.  I did though.  I loaded up on ibuprofen and worked my normal work day.  I walk fine, but sitting and standing pretty much suck!  I wanted to back out of going skating tonight (family night, and I was needing to practice) but, I decided I really needed to go so I went. I put the skates on, all my gear on and hit the rink.  I was shaky and unsettled the whole time due to fear of falling on my ass again. I can skate with the injury but I can't fall, I can't get back up from the fall.  (Can't never could do anything, I know, I want to push through and keep at it too!).  I have broken my tailbone before and it feels like that right now. I took no risks, and skated only about 12 laps around the rink total, then took the skates off and watched the family skate.  I feel like such a damn loser, worked so hard to get here to hurt myself on the very first night. I am not giving up, I will be at practice tomorrow.  I will talk with the derby girls and ask them what they think I should do, skate through or let it heal and get back at it? I just don't know what is best for the quickest recovery.  I am absolutely sick that I am hurt this bad after only the first night. The sore muscles feel good, I had such a good work out and love learning new things with this sport and really want to do this.  I know I can do it and I feel I could be good at it and would love to release some tension out on that rink.  My ass may just be badly bruise and I can optimistic that it won't even bother me tomorrow..... I am just concerned right now because I am sitting on my hip in my chair as to not let my tailbone touch the seat.  It takes me 5 minutes and sure will power to pull myself up out of this position I sit in because that tail bone is so unbelievably tender.  I feel like a wimp, but I know how tough I am and how tough I can be.  This little tail bone is not going to get the best of me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The class clown

Tell me how my son being the class clown somehow is MY FAULT!   I mean I didn't teach him to be a clown, I don't encourage him to act up in school...... but because I punish him he "hates" me!

The punishment may seem extreme, but he has already had a teacher call before, a day in ISS, and now another teacher call.  For his day in ISS he was grounded for two weeks from gaming systems, television, IPODs and anything remotely entertaining.  I thought this would work, since he took his punishment better than I expected so patiently awaiting the day he would be free again.  I thought for sure he wouldn't do this mess again, and he would straighten up!

I shouldn't waste time thinking... as I am usually wrong!

So after he called me today (because the wise teacher had him call to tell me he was misbehaving in her class).... wanna know what he was doing? Making farting noises of all things.  UGH!

The punishment is heavy for him because well so far nothing is working.
Tonight is family skate night.  We all usually go skating.  I leave the kiddos home alone one night a week while we go on our date night, but rarely do it more than once a week.  I could leave him home tonight and just let him miss out on skating but, that seems a bit mean because he hates to be alone at night and I was already gone on Tuesday night (he wasn't alone then his sister was home).  So my punishment consist of:
1. Go skating tonight and sit in the food concession area.
2. While sitting at the rink tonight, write a letter to your teacher apologizing for misbehaving in her class room, and explain how you feel about what you did, what your consequences for doing so are and how you will not do it again.
3. Begin reading a book (read an extra 1 hr a day) beginning tonight at the skating rink.  Most say don't use reading as a punishment,  but he hates that he has to read just 30 mins a night at bedtime, so it is hitting him where it hurts!
4. Write a page essay about what he reads every night. 
5. No gaming consoles of any type.

The punishment begins tonight obviously and last for two weeks. Do you know what got him the most? The having to write letter and read while sitting at the rink.  He wants to just stay home alone (all the sudden, he isn't scared to do this anymore?) to avoid the embarrassment. Well his "friends" don't go skating on family night so he more than likely will not be humiliated by his classmates, but he can use this frustration he is feeling for his punishment to remind him BEFORE ACTING UP...... NOT TO!

I explain I am sorry but so far nothing I have done is working and he has to learn he can't misbehave.  He did this to himself.  He responds with "You enjoy doing this to me, you don't love me, you show favoritism between me and Destiny, you hate me  you don't love me" and the worst part was "I hate you, I don't want to go anywhere with you, I absolutely hate you!". 

I know teenage years suck, and I remember giving my own mother pure hell at times.  But I can't remember telling her that I hate her.  My son uses this with me often.  I am beginning to believe it. My heart is breaking.  He tells me he wants to live with his dad, but then changes his mind, he gets in trouble and blames it on me.  He said "You punish me like I got CASE or something".  Case is worse then ISS (in school suspension).  Ummm no! I am pretty sure you would be shedding many more tears right now had you got in more serious trouble at school. I mean all they did was make you call me.  So I don't do anything to you or punish you in anyway, then you did what you did and had no consequences for it.  I strongly discourage bad behavior and have always punished things to ensure that they don't happen again!   This is a lesson that needs to be learned now.  He is in 6th grade now.  Two more years in middle school, then high school and if its not nipped in the bud now... when will he learn the importance of timing, rules, respect.

So for now tonight, is blah. I was looking forward to skating... trying to do the cross over tonight.  I was feeling that I might be able to do the Dixie Derby Boot camp and may even try out for the team eventually, but now worry about it all simply because my child hates me and maybe I should be focusing more on that.

I ask my daughter and she doesn't hate me.  She disagrees with me often, but never says she hates me.  She even says "I don't know why he is so mean sometimes".

I know I am probably off and wrong about many things, but I love these "bratz" with all of my being, and it kills me to feel like I let them down.  I do know I didn't do this to him.  Two weeks of extra reading and essays will not kill him. Writing a letter to the teacher will not kill him and doing without a game console will not kill him.  I am only trying to get him to behave!

Oh well, time to skate for now. Wish me luck

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekends recap

The snow is melting here in North Alabama.  Things seem to be getting back to normal (define normal?).

I have now skated 6 days total.  I can skate around the rink, do a 180 and play such games as wipe out (even though I do not wipe out like everyone else). 

I would still like to be able to do a crossover in the turn and a 180 going the opposite direction before the big day... yeah that day where I go infront of a bunch of bad ass, talented woman and flaunt the fact that I am such a poor skater.

I am enjoying going, we played Crazy Trio today, Desmond played with Thomas and myself.... Desmond is about as experienced at skating as I am (but he can at least do a damn crossover, I feel like such a failure sometimes)..... that game was fun, until I landed on my ass, I mean flat/hard/on my butt bone!  It still hurts several hours later as I sit here relaxing in my chair... I feel my ass bone! I will survive and I wont whine too much as I am trying to be a Derby girl and lol that means I have to be tough!

I got a new workout thing... to go along with the fifty million other things I have lol I now have a mini trampoline to go in the living room floor and a dvd with 2 work outs on it, I will say that will kick my ass! I did it after skating and doing a 20 minute zumba work out... soooooooooooo I was exhausted before starting it, but I did one of the trampoline workouts and realized then that this will burn some calories because in 15 min I jumped over 700 jumps and burned 105 calories... in 15 minutes!!!!!  My heart was about to beat out of my chest lol a workout it rarely gets.  So I will be looking forward to ALL my exercises, while I am trying to get in shape for Derby.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 in pictures

Well I have been such a slacker, but wanted to include a slide show of 2010 photos. 

I had an absolutely marvelous year with my family and friends.  Life has been amazingling good.

I lost a job at the end of 2009 and found another at the beginning on 2010, I went on a marvelous vacation to Florida, I got to see my nieces and my brother, I spent time with my daddy, my kids are another year older and I have a new dog which we got this year!  I feel like my life is complete and full.  Its hard to throw it all in a few sentences of one blog... especially since its already 01/11/2011 (weird date hehe 1/11/11) anyway..... I am just playing catch up, maybe next year I will do better with my blog.  This blog is a way for me to reflect on my life.  Its more of journal than an actual blog like I see most peoples blogs talking about this and that, mine is more so about my life.  I am saying goodbye to 2010 and welcoming 2011.

Snow Day

What the heck has happened.  Not only did we get a white Christmas this year....first one I ever remember.  But I am looking outside at 8 inches of snow here in North Alabama?  It is so odd!  I was off work yesterday and again today.... Probably will not get paid for this time off either so I am not sure how happy I am about it, right now it feels good but come pay day I may be crying... literally!

The snow is amazing, its soft and fluffy... not what we normally get.  We usually get soggy slushy snow mixed with rain or sleet or something, never this soft fluffliness.  It is amazing! I love that we got out and played in it....

We have had fun, and I do love this white I will continue to enjoy it and worry about the consequences of it all later I reckon, no need in worrying about it now... look at those smiling faces of my children and many others who are seeing the most snow they have ever seen in their life! :)

National Championship

Well Alabama's Reign as National Championship ended last night.  But, I feel they have another one coming in the future!  They played their bowl game like the champs we know them to be.   As you may know Auburn Tigers won the championship this year.  I was an Auburn fan for most of my life actually, that is hard for me to admit for some reason, but I am a trader.  I had never actually seen Auburn play when Thomas took me to see Bama play one game, the atmosphere, the spirit in the air, learning the game of football better and everything just made me convert over to Bama.  NOW I AM A HUGE BAMA FAN!  Have been since before the championship and before Saban even.... so its been great to root them through this journey.

How do I feel about Auburn's win and championship last night? Torn.  I have been saying they are from Alabama and I want them to win.  I know people who are Auburn fans, and I still want to root for Auburn as long as they are not playing BAMA.  But, I guess I have become Crimson through and through and it is too hard to root for them now.   I have been seeing such nastiness from Auburn fans, and sadly the hatred spilling over to BAMA and they aren't even playing in the chamipionship against them, so that is odd to me.   I know Auburn said some nasty things about Bama last year, and I remember saying nothing to them and simply rooting my team on, thinking they are just jealous its not them at the championship game.  Why can't Auburn fans have the same thought process.  Maybe Bama really wanted to be there this year, maybe that is why they say things like Go Ducks lol.  Maybe there is a rivalry against BAMA and Auburn that has been on going for so many years that nothing can make them root for each other no matter what!   I started the game off rooting for Auburn in my head, but for some reason I kept yelling for the Ducks.  I realized why, watching Auburn play and some of the crap they were pulling like kneeing players in the head, leading with the helmet, and watching them get buy with some pretty crappy things I realized what it was.  Auburn has poor sportmanship.  I am watching all sorts of moves that do not show class.  Then when the game is over, I see tons of posts from ppl on facebook saying nasty things to BAMA who again was not even in this game.  So in all fairness no matter what an Alabama fan does or says doesn't effect that the fact that you beat us, you are in the championship and you just won the game.  Be happy for your team, celebrate as I would have for Bama but leave my team the "duck" out of it.   I would root for you Auburn and be happy about your win, had I seen something worth rooting for.  If MY team played like that, I would be disappointed in them, win or no win.

Now, at the end of the game when they are doing the interviews.  Not one single time did Auburn acknowledge Oregon.  NOT ONE SINGLE TIME! I was watching for it.  Saban started his remarks by saying what a great team we played against and such last year.  You know the Ducks made it to that championship and they gave you a run for  your money... they deserved a simple comment of "it was a good game, the Oregan ducks played a great ball, or it was wonderful to play against some of the greatest players of this season" you know anything, something to acknowledge the other team.  I heard a lot of cockiness.  I know you just won and you rock for that win because it takes a lot for a team to make it that far and be as successful as Auburn has been this year! I am proud for the tigers it has been what 50 years since they had done this?  But, the Ducks worked hard and played hard and as in all the previous winners and the fact that its a nice gesture and usually a tradition, you should say "good game" to the opposing team.  So now I have lost all or any respect I might have had for Chizick.... he is no better than that dumbass coach of Texas because he is just as cocky and lacks the class that I like to see in a coach.  SABAN rocks!  lol I say this because he is classy, and I love my bama boys!  See ya next season..... ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thomas and I ventured down to Key West while on our vacation to Florida. 

I had never been there before but he had.  He had a secret, a certain place and a certain time for a certain thing to happen.  He showed his romantic side yet again and he won my heart all over again.

While down in Key West we had plans to watch the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square in Key West... this was what I  heard was a very unique experience.  Time and weather were a bit of our enemies as one day it was the weather the next day it was simply rushing to get there before the sunset.  I set up my tripod and am all about taking photos of this remarkable unforgettable sunset we are about to experience as we rush to make it just in time.  Low and behold we made it fine, even have time to take a deep breath and actually take in the view, the atmosphere the breeze, when all the sudden I look to Thomas and he pulls out my engagement ring and asked me to be his wife.  My heart simply melted it was such a surprise, so perfect the time and effort he had put in the thought and the fact that we have had 8 wonderful years together was a perfect moment for us to committ the rest of our lives together.  I can't help but think of how lucky I to have such an absolutely totally awesome man in my life!!!!

I am loved, I am happy, I am healthy, and I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for.... My relationship with Thomas has to be at the top of that list of wonderful things.  We have been through so much together, and I look forward to growing old with him!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Florida Trip December 2010

Thomas and I went with my very dearest friend Heather and her awesome man Darin to Florida.  The trip began on 12/5/2010 and ended on 12/11/2010.  We stayed at Wyndham Palm Aire in Pompano Beach Florida.  We went to a casino (which was Thomas' first time... Hard Rock Casino), went on an air boat ride to see wild alligators, Loved the Miami Zoo.  We went to South Beach Miami, Coral Castle, and to Key Largo to visit with some totally awesome folks, Brad and Lillie.  We then headed on down to Key West where we had a blast and Thomas asked me to marry him (post to come about that soon).  We enjoyed a day at the beach in Fort Lauderdale before returning home.   I had the absolute time of my life.  It was the fullest most fun trip I had ever been on.  I love Heather and Darin and hate that it was only a week I got to spend with them and that we didn't even get to spend much time together in the week because we were soooo busy... but they had fun, we had fun and I love them very very much!  I look forward to more vacations with them in the future.   I summed the trip up here because as you can see the post is past due!  I will include a link to all my photos from the trip for each day we were there below.  Check em out if you want to.
Day 1 - Sunday
Day 2 - Monday
Day 3 - Tuesday Part 1  and Part 2
Day 4 - Wednesday
Day 5 - Thursday
Day 6 - Friday
Day 7 - Saturday

I had the time of my life seriously, but already so much has happened since then.  I hate that I didn't post about it right when I got home, but with Christmas shortly after our return there was just not enough time.  The trip was amazing!!!!!!

Because I need to play catch up!

Here are some photos from Christmas.
Because I want so much to catch my blog up... so here is a photostream of all my photos from this holiday season.

Blast from the past

I went to a local bar and grill to meet some childhood friends of mine.  Charlie who lives in Colorado, and Chris who actually lives just in Athens but I have not seen or spoken with in over 5 years.  I got word that Charlie was going to be in town and I was so excited to get to see him and his brother Chris.  These two men were my bestest friends.  They lived down the road from me and hung out with my brother and myself for many many years. It was a sure blast from the past to get to see them. 


I have been reporting about my new found enjoyment in life... roller skating.

I am proud to say that when I went skating with Thomas on Sunday...... that I.... are you sitting down? I learned how to do a 180 turn.  This is major for a gal who is scared, timid, and down right frightened on skates.  I did not do it just once or twice but several times!

The next accomplishment... I played wipe out.  The game that makes me cringe just thinking of purposely throwing myself onto the hard roller rink.  I played while wearing my knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads.... I threw myself onto that hard floor and trusted the pads to protect me, and you know what? THEY DID! The whole song/game of wipe out I threw myself down and got back up... it was quiet awesome if I do say so my damn self! haha.

Now, the reason for such improvement or forward progress this Sunday... on Saturday, I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Dixie Derby Boot Camp.  My fee has been paid, I am scheduled to do this, and now I must improve. 

Names:  I have been thinking of Derby names, in the event that I actually become one of the bad ass woman of this sport... Timeout Tonya, or Quarter Poundher are two names I had in mind.  I checked the long list of names already in use and neither of those were taken and a name generator helped me with those two names... Do you have any ideas of names? I welcome any suggestions or thoughts, just so I have a damn good name in place if I ever reach such awesomeness.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit hairy

My hair has got long.  lol by long I mean that the front/sides of my hair are to my shoulders the back is still much shorter... I have what they call and a reverse stack hair style.  I liked the cut when I first got it because my hair is super thin and fine and it made it appear fuller.  I miss long hair however. I miss the pony tail, the pull back or anything remotely lazy that I could do with it before.  That being said, I hate growing this cut out.  Its horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have tried three attempts at it and everytime I go get the same cut again because it gets on my nerves so bad!  I just made an appt for today to get it done again.  I can't take it!  I may even get them to put some color in it to make it different.  So... maybe sometime later in the future I will grow it out.... lol its not easy.  And, who is to say that once I grow it out and recall how thin and stringy it was I wont just get the cut again anyway!  Soooo farewell pony tail.. you are missed!

UPDATE ON SKATING:  I suck still.  I went Thursday with Destiny.  I felt like I skated slightly stronger but couldnt go for long before having to rest.  I did alot this week as far as skating and exercise and as out of shape as I am I think Three times in one week just wore me out!  I still can't lift both feet up comfortably but have realized that the reason I can't is balance.  My balance is horrible, they say after a long healing foot/ankle injury that it can effect your balance... and I definetly have had that (its still not 100%).   I go again on Sunday... I am doing balance exercises now to try to improve.  Prayers for the ability to skate are greatly appreciated :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In store for 2011

I have a new found enjoyment in life.... are you sitting down?  Roller Skating. 

Yes, I said roller skating.  It is totally odd that I am 34 years young and never have mastered the art of roller skating.  Why the sudden interest?  I got a simply little email from an organization of bad ass women for the "Dixie Derby Boot camp".  I signed up for their newsletters back when I saw them in a bout last season.  I forgot about them until that simply little email.  I read the email, read it again, and even closed it only to go back to it a few days letter.  There is a draw, some sort of pull over me to keep reading the email. That pull had me get out the skates Thomas bought me last year after seeing them and saying "OH I would love to do that and be a part of it".  He bought them thinking we would skate for an exercise, maybe even outdoors around the neighborhood.  I put skates on made it a block, maybe two... no who am I fooling only a block, then turned around to come back to the house.  My legs hurt, my ankle hurt, I couldn't move on, and it was not getting better only incredible worse.  Before I even made it back to the house I sat on the side of the street, pulled the skates off while wiping tears from my eyes as those stupid skates on that stupid road were "JUST STUPID".  They broke me!

I never put the skates on again.  Wore them one time!  But for some reason after reading that simply little email felt the overwhelming urge to put them back on and head out to our locale skating rink.  So we went on Family day (Sunday).  I still sucked, I mean it was a joke watching me, strangers were getting their amusement enough to last at least a week at my expense. I loaded up with pads (elbow, wrist, and knee) laced up the skates and hit the floor... LITERALLY slap on my ass/back, feet were firmly planted in the air!  Thomas immediately skated (with wonderful grace and form) by my side while I am totally humiliated! But I get up, shake it, off, say "I'm fine" and move on.  (Note: The pads do no good if you fall backwards)

I proceeded to skate around the floor doing much better than on the road my previous attempt, but there is something weird, down right odd about my skating ability.  1) I don't hold my back straight, I am terribly hunched over trying to fall forward I guess? 2) I only lift one foot off the floor EVER.  I do what they call a "sticky" skate with my Right foot, it never leaves the floor and I push myself off repeatedly with my left foot.  Odd thing here is the left foot is weaker (due to a previous injury) and I am right handed and why can't I lift that foot off the floor damn it!!! 3) As much as I tell myself to relax... it just ain't happening.

See I told you... I am very amusing out there on the floor.  Picture the above description loaded up with full pads. lol  ACK!

Well I skated and stopped and skated and rested and skated and stopped (I stopped well more than I skated so something about my recollection is off!).  Then the skate day was over.

Still determined for some reason I read online on how to teach yourself to skate or how to be a confident skater (unfortunately there was nothing too promising other than folks telling you to practice, practice and practice some more).  So I am doing just that!

Last night was date night.  Thomas took me to Fulin's which is my favorite (or one of them lol I have so many!) and I had a Tiger Roll and it was soooooooooooo incredibly yummy!  Then we headed to the skating rink which was the activity I chose for our date night (He is such a good sport and supports me in EVERYTHING I do or attempt to do).  We get there and get all laced up and head back to the floor. Immediately I have "slightly" more confidence then I did on Sunday. Not sure where that came from (maybe the articles I read?), but I felt like I could do it.  Again I am wobbly, my legs, hips, back are all for uncomfortable for every attempt I take at movement.  I am lifting my Right foot up some in the attempts to get a rhythm with it (but that has yet to happen).  But, the foot has came off the damn floor! That my friend is IMPROVEMENT!  I was feeling pretty good and pretty worn out.  Thomas had talked about me needing different wheels and that thought stayed with me... "I will skate better with new wheels".   So we go to the skate shop at our local rink.  We look at the wheels and the skates and Thomas decides he is just going to buy us both a new pair of skates.  Nicer/better skates than what we bought last year as those were from Academy sports and more for outdoor skating than rink skating.  Ok so I try on the skates, change sizes from what I had to a different size (apparently they all know more than me in this because I thought there was nothing wrong with the one size lol).  The new skates I am sporting  Rock GT-50 size 7 with green wheels!!!!  Once the skates were purchased I headed back to the rink... an instant improvement! I am really rolling now.  My 0.5 mph I was rolling has increased to at least 1 mph lol I skate super slow, but no walls are used.  (That along qualifies me to attempt the Dixie Derby Boot camp, just so you know).  I feel more confident... This time I was actually on the floor without the pads. I skated around and around.  I still had to stop for breaks due to back discomfort... I wont call it pain, because it doesn't necessarily hurt. It starts feeling week and then I stiffen up more than usual and feel like I may fall so I sit, rest the back and then go back after a brief rest.  This makes the discomfort subside momentarily before it comes back.  Thomas and I both are convinced it is my form (you know the hunch back) that is nagging the back.  So goal for Thursday... work on form.  I have focused on trying to lift the feet or that one foot, but Thursday I will work on standing up straight with my knees slightly bent... then if I can master that enough to begin working on the lifting of the foot again.. I will do just that!  Yes. I did say Thursday.  That will be my 3rd time skating in one week.  If I keep this up I will be a pro in no time! LMFAO!

I spoke with my dad this morning about my secret dream of now becoming a dixie derby girl, and he was all "That is awesome", "great form of exercise there", "Now, you make me want to go skating", "when are you going again?"  "Oh you will go again this weekend on Sunday? I am coming after church" (My dad lives 1hr and 45 min away from me and he is driving up to come skating with me on Sunday... HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT! My support group is beyond strong... they are absolutely out of this world!

I skate on Thursday and already have plans for Sunday.  I love my new skates, I just have to get comfortable in them and on the rink. 

I am still debating with myself about doing the Boot camp at this point.  I would like to be a slightly better skater before going around woman I do not know and attempting to things that they are very talented in...I am sure they could teach me a thing or two though so I am still open to going.... I am nervous! lol But Excited all at the same time.... you know what that means?  I am alive! I am living! I am enjoying my life! :-) Yayyyy for skating!   Not to mention the calories I have burned since Sunday!!! woohoo!