Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone somewhere is listening

Ok... so I panicked for nothing.  My son has decided to stay home with me! He said "I was just mad mom".  He also apologized and told me he loved me and spoke with his daddy and told him he really didn't want to live there he was just mad at the moment.

Now.  If we can avoid this again in the future I will be extremely happy! But for now I am pretty flippin happy as it is! :)

I leave for wonderful trip with some awesome friends in only 3 days... I have tons, I mean tons to do. I haven't started packing, I have to buy groceries for the next week for the family, I have to go get my mom who is going to watch my babies for me while I am gone... I have to clean the house, I have to do laundry... ACK! Tomorrow morning is my early day also so I am really pushing my time limits.

I will be ok.  The trip will be one to go down in the books... and I am beside myself with excitement and joy!

Pssstttt I am also very thankful for my answered prayers! :) God is good to me!

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