Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

For the first year my mom, Dad and Step mom all came and stayed the night to be at our house first thing Christmas morning. It was such a wonderful thing just having the family here. Thomas' mom Cathy and nephew Cody came over this morning to open presents too so we each took turns opening present individually and it was wonderful... the icing on the cake... it has snowed. I mean about 3 inches here at my house for Christmas.... the first White Christmas of my life!

Now I already received the best presents I thought I could get having my family here and everything turn out so nice, that was until I started opening actual presents lol I am sooooo spoiled and I know this now. I could not believe the gifts I have received! Thomas got me Zumba for the PS3 move which I opened and played on Thursday (told ya I was spoiled). Then, I got a watch from Thomas' aunt Becky that was beautiful, my kiddos went and picked out a necklace for me that has a heard and is adorable, they pooled their money and bought it for me together. Thomas' mom (Cathy) got me emerald and diamond hoop earrings that are absolutely beautiful, My dad and Karen got me a wine server (yum yum yummy!).... spoiled ROTTEN I tell ya!

Then comes the first wrapped present from Thomas. Its a card, A "naughty" card that makes me chuckle, and he talks about a Naughty Trip that we are going to take, and inside is two tickets to go see .... ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?????  LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knows I adore her and her music.   Her music makes me feel young and alive and always makes me want to shake my booty! :)  HE blew my mind with this gift.  I never expected it.  I had to read on the tickets to find out what it was and when I read her name I screamed it "LADY GAGA!!!".  That was totally awesome!  It is in Nashville in April so now I have something else to look forward to!    One of the funniest things was listen to my Dad  saying he didn't even know who Lady Gaga was (How could they not lol).   Cracked me up! 

Now for the last gift I opened.  Another surprise from Thomas.  He got me the new kindle (black) with a leather cover that has a light built in it.  This present ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so have been eyeing it every time I seen one somewhere I would say "there is the new kindle".  I even said it just the other day!  I look at it all the time but I have a kindle (my daddy gave me and I love it!) so I would have never bought myself a new one.... but Thomas thought I should have it since I was eyeing it so much and knew how much I loved reading on it.  I love love love this gift. Right now, I am updating with my books from my other kindle! :)

I am so wonderfully happy inside.  Its not the gifts. Its the love and time we have shared this Christmas! It has been absolutely perfect!

I will try to get pics up soon, and I hate that I haven't blogged anything since before our Trip to Florida until now... but its only been a few weeks!!!!  I miss Heather and Darin and so wish they were closer or we were closer lol or something like that!!!  And that trip was one to go down in the books as one of the absolute best times of my whole entire life! :)  More on that later (hopefully) time is getting away from me lately.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Ok it is here! I am officially on vacay.  I may  not be at the beach  yet... but I am already off to a good start.
I have wayyyyy to much to do but too blessed to be stressed!

I did just get through shocking my hair, its darker than I intended.  I did really mean to go to the beach all Goth Style, but oh well lol its just hair and at least it isn't grey!

I still have to pack as I haven't packed the first item yet.

I have to go get my mom tomorrow and bring her back here.  Thankfully she will be watching after the kiddos for me.

I was going to go buy some groceries for the family for the week, but have decided to just give them some money and let them go after we are on our way..... this would save me a couple of hours of time tomorrow.

I need to do some household chores like laundry.

I need to do my toes and nails.

I need to make my mom a lists of emergency contacts for the kiddos/pets and make sure she has their insurance information and such.

I need to get my camera batteries all charged up, get all my "gear" together and update my mp3 player. 

ACK.. NO no no too blessed to stress... I am going to the beach with some really really super awesome super cool fantastic people.  There will be time tomorrow to get it all done as the rest of tonight is going to be lazy time, relaxing and letting the fact that I am off of work for the next ten whole days sink in real good! :)

Oh yeah tomorrow is also the SEC championship game which I have to make time for!

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be on a plane for the first time in over 9 years.  I am a little nervous, not about the flight but the airport and the riggamaroar from it all.  I am hopeful everything goes as planned and no glitches are thrown our way... WE NEED A STRESS FREE TRIP! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone somewhere is listening

Ok... so I panicked for nothing.  My son has decided to stay home with me! He said "I was just mad mom".  He also apologized and told me he loved me and spoke with his daddy and told him he really didn't want to live there he was just mad at the moment.

Now.  If we can avoid this again in the future I will be extremely happy! But for now I am pretty flippin happy as it is! :)

I leave for wonderful trip with some awesome friends in only 3 days... I have tons, I mean tons to do. I haven't started packing, I have to buy groceries for the next week for the family, I have to go get my mom who is going to watch my babies for me while I am gone... I have to clean the house, I have to do laundry... ACK! Tomorrow morning is my early day also so I am really pushing my time limits.

I will be ok.  The trip will be one to go down in the books... and I am beside myself with excitement and joy!

Pssstttt I am also very thankful for my answered prayers! :) God is good to me!