Tuesday, November 16, 2010

♪ You think your cooler than me? ♪

The type of cool that is going to see the new Harry Potter movie on opening night at midnight and taking her kids so it can be a fun time with a memory to last forever!...no I am not that cool.

The coolness that is playing all the hot games on all the hot game consoles we own (PS3, XBOX, WII..) instead of watching them collect dust and be ignored.

The cool person who actually reads the books she buy so she may share/discuss it with her friends.  Yeah on this I fail badly!!!!  I have so many unread books with good intensions to read them it is pathetic

I am going to go back in time this weekend though and you don't get much cooler than that!

I am going to see my daddy on Saturday morning, then going to see Warrant, LA Guns, and Firehouse on Saturday night.  That concert and night out is going to literally take me back in time.  I wish I still had some of my eighties clothing (or even better could still fit my fatt ass in them), I could dress the part and tease the hell out of my hair with the blue eyeliner, Sweater dress w/ huge belt and tights with leg warmers... oh I could so rock that look lol.  I am going to party like it is 1989 or some year  like that!   ♪ She's my cherry pie ♪ oh yeah its going to Rock so HArd lol

Then I get the joy of being off two days next week for Thanksgiving (thankfully).

And even better not too long after that will be chillin my cool self out at the beach of Pompano Beach Florida, and on down into the keys.  So yeah I am cool, cool as a cucumber dipped in ranch (not sure where that came from.. but that is just more of my coolness shining through!)

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